foam in hands

After a looong day at work, coming back from a festival or you simply have an annoying shiny forehead in the evening AGAIN, you may be tempted to thoroughly clean your skin.

You rub the bubbly washing gel all over your skin once…maybe even twice (blaming it on the double cleanse we are all praising) until it’s “squeaky clean”.

Don’t. Here’s why.

Clean healthy skin doesn’t squeak. By cleansing it with harsh products, you strip your skin of protective oil barrier that keeps your skin hydrated and protects it from external pollutants. By completely removing this protective barrier, it becomes’s dry and irritated, more prone to breakouts and accelerates ageing. Oily skin will react by producing more oil to counteract the loss of protection – you end up in a vicious circle with a permanently shiny face.

We all have different preferences about cleansing our skin. I can’t live without a gel wash (used as a second cleanse in the evening and the only cleansing wash in the morning). But I make sure it’s completely without any harsh ingredients (sulphates, parabens, fragrance…) and I don’t overuse it in terms of amount. If you’d prefer a more thorough cleanse, use a clay-based mask after cleansing instead. It will suck all the impurities from your pores without stripping your skin of essential protection. Once a week for normal skin, up to twice a week for oilier ones.

Choosing the right cleanser for your skin and using it in the correct manner can make all the difference to your skin’s look and feel. The good cleanser doesn’t foam, shower gel is not a face wash. A good cleanser doesn’t contain fragrance or SLS and you really only need to use an amount roughly the size of a bean.

* All of the above babbling applies after you’ve removed makeup or SPF with oily based remover (oil, balm). Don’t expect a good gentle gel-based cleanser to remove a mascara.