Here I am, a week into my post-surgery-recovery. First semi-painless day. A perfect time to binge-write a few posts.

I have (another) confession to make. I sometimes don’t follow my own advice when it comes to skincare.

Here are some of my most common skincare sins.


1 I wash my face in shower every morning

Evening skincare routine is a ritual for me when I turn all distractions off and enjoy daily pampering sesh. I don’t hear Bubbles meowing for food (even though she’d already tricked us to feed her twice that evening) or Bali going Bananas at 11pm despite refusing to walk 3 minutes ago.

Mornings, on the other hand, I rather sleep for “one more minute” (these are my actual first words of the day – every day) than get my ass up and start the day without rushing at the end – trying to explain to Bali she should poo already as mommy is going to be late for work.

So I multitask and wash my face with my fave cleanser IN. THE.SHOWER!. With water warmer than luke-warm. Oh dear.

And that my dear reader is a skincare crime!

I can actually feel that the skin is tighter than in the evening after cleansing, but that extra minute …

2 Sometimes I use micellar water to remove my make-up 

I am (in theory) not the biggest fan of micellar waters. They are FULL of nasties that can irritate and dry your skin. They are essentially cleansing wipes in a bottle. But they are easy to use and for some reason I have currently 3 in use. How did that happen? I still prefer using cleansing oil and give my skin a nice massage at the same time. I get that cotton pad out, wet it with micellar water and rub my eyes – probably too rough as they are not even that more effective and/or quick than oil.

There is no way I wouldn’t rinse it off though. I know it can be used in times when there’s no access to water, but I wouldn’t leave it on skin. Ever. Not that big of a sinner after all.

3 I use antiperspirants – every day

I would love to be able to use “natural” deodorants. With natural I mean the ones that don’t clog your pores and prevent you from sweating and are responsible for breast cancer and just kill the bacteria that cause bad odour. My bacteria that live under my armpits just LOLs.

I actually own quite a few of those healthy, weirdly scented deodorants … but I can only use them if I literally stay at home reading a book. Static. For all other occasions Rexona/Sure 813hours protection it is.

I had a really good idea of testing different deodorants in the ultimate challenge – a crossfit session. So I started using tried and tested antiperspirant on one armpit and a “natural-essential-oils-infused-deodorant” on the other. Well … none of the “innocent” ones passed the test (they all gave up mid way through the warmup), so the test’s proved utterly useless. I like to think I would choose healthy to socially acceptable, but here I’ll keep making an exception. You’re welcome!

4 I smoke.

That’s probably the reason why I’m such a SPF nazi. I am not proud of it, but the reason why I am putting it out there is that I am aiming to quit. It’ll be much easier if I tell my intentions to as many people as possible.

It’s a disgusting and smelly habit. It takes up so much time in the day and it costs a mini fortune. Imagine all the skincare I could buy.


What are your biggest skincare related secrets you don’t want anyone to know?