A new natural skincare brand is about to hit the market: Skin Academy Zero range!

I personally am not a big fan of natural skincare as I believe you need a little push from manmade ingredients to make products more efficient for 30+ skin. If you know what I mean. Saying that, I have currently 3 moisturisers on rotation which are all almost completely natural *oops*.

What I absolutely love about all the emerging brands is their focus on sustainability when it comes to packaging and ingredients sourcing. Zero is also vegan and completely cruelty free.

The range consists of 6 products:

1 Cleanser

This is my hero product of the range and is staying on my shelf. It’s nice and creamy – quite a liquidy texture – somewhere between a cream and milk. It doesn’t contain any without drying cleansing agents (SLS) hence no foaming and therefore a perfect autumn/winter cleanser when you don’t want to strip your skin. I personally don’t use facial make up, so I can’t repost of its efficiency of removing it, but it removes SPS completely. It’s in a tube perfect for traveling. Love it!

Please just ignore the part of instructions to remove it with a hot cloth. Face cloth should never be hot. Ever. Always just lukewarm.

2 Scrub

I personally stopped using mechanical exfoliants a long time ago. The scrub agent in this product is from apricot kennel which is not the most gentle option in natural skincare ingredients world. Regardless of the feel on the skin (it’s actually very gentle and therefore not very useful on other body parts) its edges are sharp and can cause tiny wounds on the skin that can lead to infection, your protective layer of the skin is compromised, … not a fan of the whole concept of apricot scrubs.

Maybe it would work on a younger skin but I’m sure you can find some more gentle natural scrub options like sugar.

3 Day and Night Cream

Similar ingredients lists, different texture – lighter for the day and richer for the night. Both contain coconut oil and shea butter which make them an excellent choice for people with normal to dry skin. Both ingredients can clog pores on blemishes prone skin but are on the other hand extremely moisturising and perfect for upcoming colder months. I’ve tried the night version and it absorbs surprisingly quickly.

I wish the day cream had SPF protection.

4 Eye cream

Very generous size of this rich cream will suit people with dry skin. The formula is extremely moisturising and takes a while to absorb. This is a no no for me as I am prone to millia in the under eye area. With such a rich texture of eye cream it is crucial to really only apply it on the orbital bone and not too close to the eye. Please also avoid putting it on your eyelids.

5 Hand and Nail Cream

This one managed to get its place in my handbag. A nourishing fast absorbing formula with a very gentle scent in environmentally friendly packaging! What else a girl needs?

Zero products are probably not going to change your life but it’s a lovely range with affordable price tags for everyone wanting to jump on the natural beauty bandwagon or/and are in a search for a sustainable packaging options.