It’s officially  Summer today, the sun is out, which means it’s time for my list of favourite SPFs.

Disclaimer: I wear SPF 365 days a year, I prefer mineral sunscreens (for their stability, the fact they physically protect your skin and because I have a bad history with Octocrylene, which is not even a proper sunscreen but a stabiliser).

The days of mineral sunscreens being white are gone – those heavy, un-spreadable formulations with a “looking-like-a-ghost” finish – they’re a thing of the past. However, mineral sunscreens aren’t just a, well, sunscreen! The majority of them are packed with loads of hydrating ingredients, high quality oils and other goodies and can be easily be doubled up as a daily moisturise too.

My skin is quite normal but dehydrated.

1 John Masters Organics SPF30 natural mineral sunscreen

60ml – £35


This is probably one of my all time favourite facial sunscreens. Amazing protection with a light, non-chulky feel. A little downside is that I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve reached out to some of the UK stockists (and JMO brand itself), but haven’t received any useful information if it’s ever coming back in stock or worse *gulp* it’s being discontinued. Please let me know if you find it anywhere in stock.

2 Dermalogica Skinperfect primer SPF 30

22ml – £44


This one is technically a primer, but I’ve been using it as SPF. It’s slightly tinted, but don’t expect any coverage whatsoever. With Dermalogica you also sign up for silicones in their formulations (except in my beloved biolumin-C serum). Not my favourite of ingredients, but I really love the product. Mineral sunscreen with very light consistency, so it should work for combination skin as well.

3 Dr. Dennis Gross Instant Radiance Sun Defense Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40

50ml – £42

dennis gross

What a mouthful name. This product is divine! Tinted, but again without significant coverage. It just evens out the skin tone and feels very comfy on your skin. Very light formula for a mineral sunscreen. You can’t really miss with Dennis Gross, can you? It comes in two shades, I use the lighter one.

4 Dr Sebagh Sun City Protection SPF30

50ml – £50


I LOVE this brand more than my budget allows. Their Hyaluronic serum is my all time favourite, and their Rose serum is just the most indulgent oil. They haven’t failed in the SPF category either. That’s why it’s sold out every time I mentally prepare myself for a splurge.

5 Aesop Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream SPF15

40ml – £27

sage and

This one is always in my stash as it’s totally proved itself on my holidays to Sri Lanka and Bali last year. It’s very reliable, extremely moisturising (it would probably be too heavy for combination or oily skin), which means you don’t need a moisturiser under it if you don’t suffer from really dry skin (I use light moisturiser under all of other products on this list). It’s a tiny bit heavier than the rest, but still lighter than the most mainstream old-school mineral sunscreens. I prefer to use it during the colder months though.

They’ve just brought out a new, chemical, facial sunscreen which is much lighter in texture (50ml – £39)

6 Dr Jart BB balm

40ml – £37


This is my current Summer favourite. This moisturiser is tinted and it does provide light to medium coverage. Not in a “foundation” kind of way though. It just evens out the skintone and gives you that little bit of a glowy tan you need to look alive. I don’t wear (neither do I own) a foundation, but this one is the closest to it. It makes a difference to your complexion, so I don’t wear it for a mascara-less dog walk to a park on Sundays. For me, it has its time and place, but I really like it!

Some asian sunscreens (quite a lot actually) also contain brightening ingredients. Please read the ingredients list before buying if you’re not in the game for it.

This list could actually go on and on. I won’t even go into my SPF wishlist … or any other skincare product wishlist for that matter. Yes, that’s how weird I am. Don’t have a shoe wishlist, but bring me all the sunscreens.