blog 12 graphicsI like to think that I know a little about skincare. But sometimes I still get “tricked into purchasing” by falling for some type of fancy packaging (it would fit REALLY well into my bathroom shelf aesthetic) or a desirable scent.  If that’s you too, it’s more than likely that you own waaaaay too many products … 

There is some good news for my wallet (and after this, yours too): a fair few products simply don’t ever catch my attention. They either don’t work, or are just a marketing trick trying to outdo a simple product that’s already waiting to be picked up and used in our bathrooms. 

Here is my top 5:

1 Lower lash mascara

This is pretty simple: if you can’t maneuver a mascara wand to apply it to your lower lashes, then you shouldn’t really be allowed to use it in a first place. Pass.

2 Any foot specific products

Did you fall for a foot scrub or a fancy foot cream? Why? 

All products that are not my favourite get the honour of becoming my feet superstars. There is really nothing special about foot cream to spend money on. What your back paws really need is a good scrub and a rich body butter – both probably already exist in your skin care collection. If a scrub is not enough, add some salt to the water. Sugar or coffee (milled, of course) work too. If you’ve neglected them for a little longer than usual (which can happen during the cold winter months) use a product which contains salicylic acid.

3 Neck and décolleté creams

Say whaat? Why people, why? There are three different areas on your body to use a special product on (ok, maybe four): (1) face, (2) body, (3) hands (just because hand creams are formulated to absorb a little quicker and they are packed in cute small packages, so we can carry them around) and a very discussable area: (4) eyes (more about that coming really soon). Area’s such as your ‘left forearm’ or ‘a hamstring’ really don’t need special products!

I get it. When it comes to applying moisturisers, the neck area usually gets neglected. Weird, as it’s one of the first body parts that shows signs of: I-am-not-a-spring-chicken-anymore. As long as you aren’t toying with the idea of using a neck tape (I just can’t get over this “brilliant” idea), all you have to do is simply apply everything you currently slap on your face, a little lower. Every day, twice a day. This will make a difference; not a “specially formulated product for the neck and décolleté”. These products won’t do anything that your moisturiser cannot do.

4 Brush cleansers

Oh dear. Another unnecessary (and pricey) product tucked away in your stash. Why not just use a baby shampoo or a gel face cleanser. Even a normal shampoo or a bar soap will do the job.  Some people even add a few drops of tea tree oil in to make it disinfected. For natural bristles you may want to use a conditioner as well, to keep them soft and nurtured. 

5 Anti-cellulite products

They. Don’t. Work. None of them, not even the expensive ones. If you REALLY want to get rid of cellulite, get those new year resolutions back on and (ab)use your gym membership. Of course, keep that part of body hydrated by using the same product you use for your right calf. 

I hope this helps save a few pennies as well as giving you the green light to use the same product on more than one tiny area of your body 🙂