There is A LOT of ingredients in skincare which you probably aren’t aware that are sourced from animals. From sheep hair excretion to shark livers (note to self: idea for a post!!). I completely understand if you want to avoid these nasty ingredients. I do too.


There is one tiny little flying thing who creates the best products to put on your skin – a bee!

So what’s all the buzz about??!!

As much as I am a huge animal lover, I strongly believe that bees are happy to collect all the goodies and bring them home. It’s their mission!!!

Honey, propolis, pollen, beeswax – yes, yes, yes, YES.

It’s a big NO-NO for bee venom from me though!

As a skincare junkie, I am easily triggered into trying new things. (the snail mucin still seems a little much though) Modern ways of collecting bee venom are now much kinder than in the past when bees were dying. (due to the bee’s stinger being dislodged when poking into the rubber mat where the venom was collected). Now instead of rubber, soft fabric is used so bees don’t die. To make the bees “sting”, a mild electric current is conducted through the fabric.

I don’t believe that an angry stingy bee is a happy bee.

On the other hand, a nectar and pollen collecting bee is a happy bee. That’s why honey and beeswax will remain a staple ingredient in my skincare.