My SPF bunch

If you have used products with sun protection in the past, it’s likely that you’ve stumbled across the term SPF. Only one out of the ten people I asked knew what the number next to SPF actually meant. (This was my little survey).

SPF doesn’t give you a level of protection but the longevity of it. SPF tells you how much longer you can stay in the sun for.

If you get sunburnt without any protection in 10 minutes, it would take 150 minutes if you put on sunscreen with SPF 15 and (theoretically) 500 minutes with SPF 50. I say theoretically due to all other factors you should take into consideration – SPF is easily washed off by swimming, sweating and the amount of SPF applied is probably much lower than recommended. So take all of these factors into consideration and protect yourself!!

If you choose higher SPF it won’t protect you any BETTER, but the protection will last LONGER.

If you top up your SPF15 product with SPF 50 product, protection is only 50, not 65.

SPF on the product only tells you protection level from UVB rays. There is no standard for listing the level of UVA protection. If it says “broad spectrum” the product should protect you from both – UVA and UVB.

I hope all that makes sense?


your SPF nazi 🙂