In my first blog I admitted that I am a sucker for good smelling things, even if the ingredients list is not too promising (hence the extensive collection of body butters). However, I’ve never in my life fell into the anti-ageing trap. I’m not even sure what anti-ageing means!


The Beauty industry (skincare AND make up too) is built on selling the promise of forever-looking-young-and-tight. The best brands ( the majority of them at least) don’t even make these claims, their formulations and ingredients speak for themselves!

You cannot prevent ageing! Or reverse it. Get over it!!

What you can do is take good care of your skin, so it will be nourished, protected (from free radicals AND UV rays) and hydrated at all times. Can some of those fine lines disappear or become less visible? They can – in the long term and with the right products.

Learn about what to put on your face instead of going for everything that says ‘anti-age’ on it. You cannot expect a quick fix for your past skincare sins!

So the next time you become intrigued to buy another moisturiser/serum/oil which claims to iron out those fine lines overnight, turn the product over and read the ingredients list. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, keep coming back here! Aunty Skinity will help you!!

Instead of going for another age-reverse/lines-eraser/stop-ageing/you-will-have-a-candle-less-on-the-cake-next-year product, buy some Unicorn Snot. It has a far more realistic claim than all of that anti ageing crap!!

Remember, marathon, not sprint.. 🙂