blog 14 graphics-01Sundays are for pampering, Mondays for new beginnings #istartonmonday. Tuesdays seem a little neglected, so I’ve decided to brighten them up with random tips about … you’ve guessed it … skincare!!

After following my blog, you’ve probably been toying with the idea of introducing some new products into your routine. I don’t blame you. I am CONSTANTLY trying new products – my ‘let’s test this one’ list is endless!. It ain’t easy being a skincare junkie! 

But careful.

Whether you’re planning on switching to all natural products or just adding some new items into your everyday ritual, don’t do it all at once. One by one, introduce new products to your skin. Why you might ask? To see if the product has any effect on your skin and if it does, what that effect may be. If you suddenly decide to switch to all natural products and your skin reacts with irritation or even a break-out, you will not be able to identify which product is the culprit. 

The best way is to go slowly and give a product some time to see the results. There aren’t many products which will show immediate results. And I’m talking few weeks, not days!

Baby steps and patience are the best approaches when it comes to improving your skincare game and finding the perfect cocktail that compliments your skin. 

Let the errors commence!!