If you read any good skincare blogs (khm khm), you would have stumbled across the term humectants. Do you know what they do? If not, read on!

Humectants are substances that attract water from the deeper layers of your skin (dermis) and pull it in the top layer of epidermis – stratum corneum. If it’s really humid (70% or over) they apparently also take moisture out of the air – Although I wouldn’t count on this method alone! By forming hydrogen bonds with water molecules they leave your skin looking plumped and hydrated.

They’re responsible for treating dehydrated skin and we all know that wherever you live or whatever your skin type is, everybody can suffer from dehydrated skin. There are many environments that can make a situation even worse: A/C offices, airplanes, heated environments, the tube …

Why am I even writing this? It’s very important to know WHICH humectants to look for in your skin care products. As with many products, there are some to be avoided.

Some natural humectants tick all boxes, hydrate as well as deliver hydration and nutrients back into the lower layers of the skin. There are also synthetic products (more affordable for producers = more common) that work on a more short-term basis, but they may dehydrate your skin over the long term as they evaporate.

humectantsYou need desperately need them in your skincare routine! Any skin type. Any climate. All seasons. Every good moisturiser should have some good quality humectants, but you can boost hydration with a good serum too.