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If you’re a loyal Skinity reader (thank you to all 6 of you!), you know that washing your face is a kind of a science project and we’ve all been doing it wrong for some time. But there is more.

If you are in a hurry in the morning (thank you snooze button that gives you 9 minutes extra nap) or had a really long day at work, nothing looks more appealing that washing it all in one go – in the shower.

Here is why washing your face at the sink is a better option:

  • water you’re showering with is way too hot. It can additionally dry your skin.
  • water pressure in the shower? On your face? Too harsh.
  • shower gel is not a face cleanser
  • shampoo is not a face cleanser
  • hard soap IS NOT a face cleanser

It’s that simple.

The water temperature when is very important so you don’t dry your skin up. Next time when you hear from someone that remove a cleansing oil/balm/cream with a hot cloth, run away.

There are some treatments when a hot cloth is a thing, but it’s not a part of your everyday routine. Keep it luke warm!!