Here’s all you need to know about using an acid toner in your routine.

1 After cleansing your skin, take a cotton pad, pour a product on it and pat it on your face. Don’t drag, pat it! That will minimise the potential for irritation and redness. Don’t forget about the neck and decollete.

2 Avoid your under eye area, and do not use on eye lids. You can use it on the lip line, just don’t lick it after. Learn from my mistakes.

3 Don’t rinse it off!!

Acid Toners

4 Acid toner is NOT a substitute for a proper toner in your routine. It’s an addition! Glycolic acid breaks down the acid mantle and pH imbalance of your skin, so using a good quality toner that will help to reset it and hydrate your skin becomes an even more crucial part of your routine!

5 If you have just started using an acid toner, your skin has to build up its tolerance first. You can start by making a cotton pad slightly damp before adding toner to it.

6 Start using it every third day for two weeks and slowly increase the frequency.

7 If you use acid toners on a regular basis, you won’t need scrubs anymore. Ever.

8 Acid toners don’t have to be the only product with acids in your routine. Glycolic acid is only one of many AHA. Each has its own benefits. And don’t forget about BHA as well.

9 With exfoliation your skin becomes more sun-sensitive, so a good SPF is a must. As well as a good moisturiser.