Warning: getting a little personal here.

I have a verruca on my right sole. Boo.

You know what? There is NOTHING embarrassing about this!! Most people will get a verrucae at some point in their lives. Verrucas are plantar wards that form (usually) on your feet and are caused by infection of the HPV.

Essentially a verruca is a mini bump on the bottom of your foot that feels like you’ve stepped on a wood splint. If you weren’t walking barefoot in the woods recently, it’s more than likely that you have a verruca. As well as being tough, they refuse to go away. Scratching it won’t do any good. The little buggers are highly contagious and LOVE wet environments.

Verrucas aren’t dangerous and most likely will disappear by themselves (67% disappear in less than two years). If you can feel it, and are finding it uncomfortable, it’s unlikely you plan to wait until it decides the time has come to leave?!

There are some over the counter medicine’s available to treat these little critters, but I’ve found a very effective home remedy in my kitchen cupboard (and in my boyfriend’s tool box).

The best news about it?

It really works!

All you need is a cotton pad, duck tape and vinegar. Oh, and a sock. Soak your cotton pad with vinegar, then use it to cover the verruca. You then hold it down with the duck tape. Make sure the verruca area is completely covered making sure no air can get to it during the night. You have to literally wrap your foot in duck tape. Don’t cut off the blood circulation by wrapping it up too tight – a verruca is better than losing an entire foot.


Put a sock on and repeat the process every night for a few weeks. After the first few days it will get a little bigger, and you may feel it a tiny bit more. Don’t worry, this is how you know it’s working. It usually takes around three weeks for the verruca to disappear.

I admit, it doesn’t smell nice, it’s not the most comfortable “pamper” for your paws, but it works – Something I can’t claim the same for pricey topical medicines from the drugstore (which I’ve tried)

I just love it when these natural home remedies do the job better than pharmaceuticals, don’t you?