We’ve recently adopted a cat. 


Originally this was (my boyfriend) Anil’s idea, after a few “slumber parties” with two random cats we’d found, cold and (so we suspected) hungry outside on our balcony. Eventually we leant that they weren’t abandoned, nor starved.

They were just … well, cats.

“We should get our own!” he said one day. If you recommend me to get another animal, I won’t ask any questions.

Yes darling.

“Let’s get older one, so we don’t make SUCH a long commitment” we thought. This was before we found out that cats can live up to 20 years. 

Her name is Bubbles and she’s eleven. She can’t meow properly, which is awesome. She LOVES to sit on your lap for cuddles, but won’t allow you to pick her up and hug her.

Her previous owners’ situation’s changed so they were searching for a loving home for her.  

A whole new experience. She is one happy little lady now, I can tell you that for sure! I am still a 100% dog person though, so here are some things I’ve learned whilst owning a cat for a couple of months.

1 Getting a “mature” cat is awesome

We got a cat, brought her in, showed her the cat “scratcher” and toilet … and that’s it. She knows everything, she doesn’t destroy the furniture or anything else (ok, my tights). It’s like getting a boyfriend who already knows how to do his laundry. Score!

2 Cats don’t get the concept of the bed

We have so many dog beds at home that I was not allowed to buy Karlo a tepee or an igloo. Our flat is already covered with dog beds however to be honest, he still slept on ours anyway. Utilising existing soft surfaces was apparently completely inappropriate, so I bought few beds exclusively for her majesty. 

So far I think she’s put her paw on one of them. Once.

She normally falls asleep on some sort of item you need at that particular moment. A tower of washed laundry, a piece of clothing you put on a sofa or a pair of tights you got out ready to wear. These then become unwearable, because these animals have ridiculously sharp claws. Still so much to learn. 


3 Cat nip is fun

She was a little scared when we brought her home with a dog there and two new people, not really sure what to do. So we bought her a cat nip spray. I sometimes spray it on her toy for her to play. Instead, she transforms into a 70’s flower power hippie and just lays there. I don’t want to get her stoned too often, because I’m not sure if it’s good for her.

4 They clean themselves

Best. News. Ever. The days of trying to catch the dog after coming home from a muddy walk screaming “Paaaaws” are now over. We have ourselves a self cleaning animal. It’s quite cute observing her licking her paw then using it to wipe her face – a proper skincare night time routine … until she starts puking a hair ball. Not so much fun. But we’ll take it.

5 They want to eat ALL. THE. TIME. 

Dogs are simple – you get them used to your lifestyle. Karlo got up late and ate once a day. Easy peasy.

This little lady, on the other hand, starts her day around 5am with wild sprints from the living room to the bedroom and back. Several times. For no apparent reason! (There probably is one, we just don’t know what it is yet) Then she starts with her weird meowing telling us that she’s starving for the first time that day. To turn those noises off, you have to get your bum up and feed the damn cat. She eats 4 TIMES A DAY.

6 Cat litter

Ok. Karlo could be a little cheeky and sometimes on a short morning walk, when you are equipped with only one poopoo bag, he would do it twice. Bummer. We called these occasions: “one bag two poos situation”. You had two options: (1) to undo the sealed bag full of poo number 1 and manoeuvre a new package in without touching it with bare hands … or (2) pick the dog up and run home hoping nobody saw what you just left behind.

Having an indoor cat is a whole new experience. The “box of surprises” is in our bathroom. All I’m gonna say here is that I hope we will move some day to a place where she can do it outside.

7 Hair

No words here. Just hair.


8 They make the rules

This is probably a cat thing and also a reason why cat people love them. 

Sometimes I just need a cuddle. She is normally not up for it. I have bloodied proof of it on my hands.

I am also trying to train her to “sit”. By 2023 we will probably master it. She just walks away and starts meowing for food.

The worst thing of all: she loves Anil more than me. She’s still my favourite cat though. I can’t wait to tell her we’re getting a puppy!

Which she’ll probably hate.