I take my body care pretty seriously. I wrote about declaring a war to stretch marks on my bump here, but to be honest, this is just a tiny extension to my every day body care routine in colder months.

Disclaimer: you don’t have to be pregnant to find info in this post useful 🙂

The concept is simple: exfoliate – moisturise – oil. Not necessary in this particular order.

1 Dry brushing.

I have on and off relationship with dry brushing. It proved to be the most efficient way to achieve baby soft skin all over your body but it does interfere with your routine. For a good sesh you’ll need 5-7 minutes before your shower time. Which is in case you are a morning “showerer”, almost a length of the whole snooze. Your skin does feel a little uncomfortable after brushing if done right and has to be performed on a regular basis to get the best result.

My brush is from The Body Shop (£20). It has a long handle so I can reach my back without Anil’s assistance. He has enough things to do in the name of my beauty 🙂

2 Exfoliating

During my “it’s not you, it’s me” periods with dry brushing I maintain my soft skin with body scrubs. My two absolute faves this moment are

Aesop Redemption – it smells like a Scandinavian spa (I haven’t been to Scandi yet, so i actually have no idea how their spas smell, but this is how I imagine it). I took it with me to holidays in Bali and Sri Lanka and it has a special place in my heart since as it reminds me of one of my fave holidays ever! Fine quarts scrubs the hell out of your skin and leaves it baby soft. Great abrasiveness, love the tube packaging … one of my all time fave (I think this is my third tube so far).

£27 for 180ml

REN Rose Otto Body Polish – their rose otto range is so indulging!! It has just right – not too sickening and not just a tasteful whiffy – scent of rose. It also does a thorough job. Would prefer it in a different packaging as I can’t get it out without water getting in the tub but all in all great product.

£35 for 330ml

Don’t get disheartened if you don’t have scrub at home at the moment. Just mix some grind coffee in your shower gel.

3 Oil

I apply oil on the skin still wet from the shower for 10 years now. Every. Single. Time. I haven’t seen a dry patch on my body for years … Even if you are the laziest of people or one of those who just hates slathering products on your skin, there is still no excuse not to try this. It literally takes 15 seconds after shower, it doesn’t leave greasy residue but will improve your skin. The only thing is it’s more convenient to use a robe afterwards as you don’t want to wipe the oil off with a towel.

My current faves are:

REN Rose Otto oil – oh dear, this is sooo indulgent, rich and overall enjoyable. It will make quite a hole in your wallet.  £35 for 100ml. Auch …

A good dupe is coming from my favourite drugstore Drogerie Markt. Their Alverde Rose body oil is not as scented and formulated with a tad less beneficial oils but it will cost you under 4EUR for 100ml. I am now probably on my 35.372.583 bottle of this.

There is another lovely oil I am enjoying at the moment. It’s one of those “love the juice, hate the packaging” products. The carrier oils are sweet almond and jojoba oil which are both the most similar to the sebum our skin is producing and it’s full of citrus essential oils. The packaging though … the dropper is so slow that it takes you half of the morning to get the amount to cover your body out of the bottle.

Breathless £25 for 100ml.

Again, you are not missing out on anything if you don’t have a bottle of “fancy” body oil. Olive or coconut oils are a perfect alternative.

4 Moisturiser

Body balms/lotions/milks/creams were always my soft spot. At any time of my life I own more than my skin can possibly absorb before expiring. I proudly present you my top three at the moment:

Bum Bum Cream

I know this is a summer scent, it smells of vanilla cupcake and it has a tiny glitter in it. It doesn’t get rid of your cellulite nor does it make your bum bum look Brazilian at all. It’s also excruciating £72 for 500ml, but I can’t live without having it in my stash.

Rituals of Sakura is more on the “adult” side of scents. Silky texture, super moisturising and it absorbs really quickly. I love the smell so much I grabbed diffuser with the same scent …

Lush Sleepy

This one is oldie but goldie. A perfect evening moisturiser that takes you in hibernation mode within minutes. I am currently rubbing a solid block version all over my arms every evening – got it in Lush “naked” shop in Berlin this Summer.

Alverde Cocoa Hibiscus body balm

We all knew I won’t be able to only pick top three, didn’t we?

This one deserves a mention as it’s super affordable, ultra moisturising and it smells delicious. Alverde really knows how to make a good cocoa scented body product.

Soft and healthy skin on your body is not given – especially in the cold Winter months. It takes a little extra time and effort but when you will see improved texture of your skin it will be easier to make it into a habit. Try different options and find a routine that fits your lifestyle, time and budget. You only have one skin – take a good care of it! And remember: it’s never too late to start!