I admit, my beauty stash is a little excessive. There is no way I will ever run out of lip balms or body butters (which is insane as I just bought 1.6L jar of coconut oil, which remains my favourite and most effective body moisturiser anyway). I am working in beauty industry and there is a lot of new products, or at least samples, that join my collection on a weekly basis. So it’s no surprise there are some products, that are probably not everyone’s piece of cake and are perceived as a little weird. And I’m not even talking about snail mucin or bee venom as main active ingredients.

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  1. Konjac sponge

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I am not a big fan of sponges, loofahs, brushes and other reusable cleansing tools as I am a clean freak when it comes to my skin wellbeing (bacteria alert!!). This one made an impact, though. It’s some kind of a Japanese potato (Konnyaku) and it gives your skin a nice and gentle everyday exfoliation. It can be used its own or with a gel cleanser. Best results will follow after everyday use – twice. It doesn’t exclude your (at least) weekly exfoliation session, though. It doesn’t work wonders either #justmanagingexpectationshere, but it will improve the texture of your skin and make it more radiant – definitely worth a try. It’s a very good option for very dry and sensitive skin if you don’t want to exfoliate with mechanical scrubs or you’re not ready to jump on the glycolic acid band waggon.

The recommended time of use is 6 weeks, I change it every 4. Dooh. Partly because of all the fun that comes with preparing a new sponge for its first use. In its packaging, it’s hard as a rock. I hope I don’t have to warn you: do not rub that on your face! It takes a couple of minutes under running water to soften completely. And then the gooey fun begins.

(£6 – £8)

2. Mane’n Tail conditioner

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Being quite picky when it comes to a shampoo of choice, conditioner is one of those products that has a list of ingredients that I am not that keen on. The reason being, my hair. It’s the worst. Thin, dry at the ends, very light in weight. After blow drying and trying to get the most volume out of it, by the time I come to work I look like a wet dog. And with scuffed ends. Can it get any better?? So I stumbled upon this bad boy. It was originally formulated (and still being used) on horses. (hence the name)

Have you seen those majestic animals trotting through the field with their mains fluttering in the wind …

Ingredients are not to be proud of (being a beauty blogger), but it does the job, gives me some volume, and makes my hair silky sleek and nourished. And it’s £7 for 355ml – bargain!!

3. Post-poo drops

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Did I just say poo on my beauty blog?

Moving boundaries here.

Love the name, love the brand and it is the quirkiest present for everyone. In a nutshell, it’s essentially a high-end bathroom freshener. Instead of furiously spraying Febreeze the morning after a curry, you now can just drop 3-5 droplets in the toilet after flushing. The formula contains a water-soluble surfactant that reacts and emulsifies when in contact with water. It turns water cloudy, starts evaporating and scents your bathroom with a luxurious blend of citruses, Ylang Ylang and geranium. The description on the packaging is killing it too!

Is a 20 quid price tag worth the splurge? If you fancy something more advanced than synthetic “Ocean breeze” scented toilet spray, go for it. It lasts forever and it’s also a good alternative to After Eight chocolates when invited for dinner round friends houses.

What is the weirdest product in your beauty collection??