It’s time for another battle. Mummas way!

This time I compared two types of nappies. I’ve been testing each brand for a consecutive two weeks and here are the results …

Brand …

Kit and Kin is a range of nappies that are eco friendly, super absorbent and hypoallergenic. The good thing about them is you can subscribe to them so you don’t run out or be left with no available stock in these times. Nappies and their packaging are all biodegradable in 3-6 years, what is a great step towards environmental sustainability. They are also super cute with animal prints on baby bums. Animal friendly, of course …

Pampers on the other hand had completely changed “boomers” life. They remain to be “the daddy” in diapers world. The downside is they are a part of the Procter & Gamble brands. The giant corporation is known to be still testing on animals. They are known to be using bleaching chemicals to get that pure white colour and you can find quite a lot of reviews online about painful, chemical burn like rashes babies got after wearing those.

They both promise 12-hour protection which was difficult to try as I never leave little one in a diaper for that long.


Poop-losions become a part of your life after those loooong nine months.

Pampers absorbs more “material” as it sinks into the dark depths of the diaper. The nappie has a top layer that works as a sieve so I find it absorbs better. The changing process is therefore less messy and there’s less wiping. I did have a couple of cases when I had to change the whole outfit of the little one, so they are still not perfect.

Another good feature of Pampers is the wetness indicator – a yellow line that runs through the diaper and indicates whether it’s full or not. I haven’t found it really useful at this age of a baby as our little girl makes us pretty aware when the damage happens. If we don’t hear the obvious sound effect we change her every three hours anyway… and then she rewards us with a giant poo  and a giggle 3 minutes later. Every. Single. Time!


Disclaimer: I’m using size 1 in both brands.

Kit and Kin nappy is smaller than a Pampers one – when it’s fresh and folded and also when assembled on the bum. I personally prefer smaller ones so Kit and Kin wins this category.


Full price for the pack of 56 Pampers is £8 but they are normally available with a discount (2 for £12 in Boots). Kit and Kin come in packs of 40 and will cost you £8 – drop to £7.49 per pack if you subscribe. I haven’t seen them to be a part of a promotion in Boots so far.

Useful tip: buy your nappies at the retailer with some kind of loyalty programme! It’s so worth it!

Side effects

I’ve noticed Naomi’s little bum got red irritated skin and nappy rash more often when using Pampers. I would lie if I’d say I expected this due to more chemicals used in production of the nappy – the absorption of it is just too good to also be kind to the skin.

Kit and Kin caused less often and less severe irritation of that little tush.

Despite Pampers winning one of the most important categories – performance! – my personal winner is Kit and Kin. As I have some leftover Pampers that I’m using overnight as I don’t change her between 1am and morning. She is slowly transferring to size 2 now. They are growing so fast!