We all know that exfoliating your face is at the very least, a weekly choir. It’s isn’t simply to get rid of the dull looking skin. Removing dead skin cells on a regular basis will also make all your products more efficient as they won’t have to penetrate through layers of dead skin. Yek.


In order to reveal your skin in its full glory, you have to physically scrub off those unwanted dead skin cells! There are trizillion exfoliants on the market with different levels of abrasion. Please avoid exfoliant agents that are milled fruit pits or salt on the face, they are far too sharp. And don’t get me started on plastic beads!!

If you are not a fan of rubbing pumice on your face, acids may prove a better option. Glycolic acid has the smallest amount of molecules of all AHAs. It dissolves the “glue” that keeps skin cells together. Dead skin cells are removed with ease revealing fresh bright skin. All you have to know about glycolic toners is in this post

Skinity’s tried and tested two Glycolic acid toners.


Pixi Glow Tonic – you can’t miss with this one. It really is formulated with different skin types and conditions in mind. It’s full of calming and even hydrating ingredients, which makes it a perfect entry level acid product for people considering jumping on acid train. It doesn’t even tingle (if you’ve just started using acids, check out some tips on how to start and what you should know in this post), it’s not uncomfortable to use despite being an effective weapon in a battle of dullness and uneven skin tone. It contains 5% glycolic acid. It doesn’t contain alcohol (yay), but it is fragranced (nay).

Price: £18 (250ml)


The Ordinary 7% glycolic toning solution – more potent with glycolic acid = more effective. I like that. But unfortunately I have to admit that the user experience is far from pleasant. It does what it says on the bottle. But that’s just about it. It smells quite strong – very chemically and it stings much more than an additional 2% of glycolic acid should. Also, it contains some humectants, but still feels much more drying than Pixi (and my skin has a fairly high tolerance to heavy duty ingredients).

Price: £6.80 (240ml)

Is it even fair to compare products with different concentrations of active ingredients and focus on a reaction to it? Probably not. Bear this in mind when choosing the right product for you.

My vote goes to Pixi despite the artificial fragrance and almost tripled price point, it just feels more comfortable and much more pleasant to use. When you feel you have to up the acid game, start using it twice a day.