• My favourite skincare launch so far: Dermalogica Biolumin-C serum

    14th June 2018

    Wow. I can get overly excited over skincare launches  (which shows in my collections I am trying to use and which also resulted in the “3-out-1-in” rule by my fiancé). I love Dermalogica! Some of their products in the top ten of my staples (Daily resurfacer, daily microfoliant, Skinperfect primer with SPF and a few…

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  • Tuesday’s wisdoms: What does anti-age even means

    16th May 2017

    In my first blog I admitted that I am a sucker for good smelling things, even if the ingredients list is not too promising (hence the extensive collection of body butters). However, I’ve never in my life fell into the anti-ageing trap. I’m not even sure what anti-ageing means! The Beauty industry (skincare AND make…

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  • Hand care 101

    7th January 2017

    Have you ever look at your hands and thought that they look like someone’s else’s? 

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