The sunniest long weekend is ahead of us. If you’re like me, you’ll be out and about all day every day sipping on a cheeky white wine spritzer at unreasonably early hour, snacking on Quorn sausages on a blanket in a park and participating in a group chase of your dog after she stole a chicken leg from a BBQ nearby.

I thought to share with you the beauty essentials you have to have on you at all times.

1 Sunscreen

Slapping a layer of SPF before you leave home is not enough! Please have a tub on you and reapply twice to three times a day while you’re enjoying the sun. No anti-aging super uber miracle serum will sort the damage you can cause if you neglect the importance of sun protection. Don’t forget to cover your body, neck and hands. I assume there will be an increased demand for aloe vera products after this weekend. Don’t be one of them!

My fave mineral is Aesop Sage&Zinc SPF 15 (small tube, perfect fit for a small bag – £27) or Malin&Goetz SPF 30 (£32) – a little lighter option with chemical sunscreen and a smell of holidays.

2 Hydrating mist

Warmer weather = sweaty betty. When hydrating yourself – with aforementioned white wine spritzer – what, it contains soda! – don’t’t forget to hydrate your skin as well. Any mist will do. I do prefer the ones without alcohol denat in it as it’s drying and it sensitise your skin and you wouldn’t believe how many “hydrating” mists contain it. My other a tad unusual criteria is the size of drops the spray disperses. I love Dermalogica Antioxidant one but I end up with wet face. As usual my favourite one is unreasonably overpriced, but it feels like walking through the cloud. Omorovizca Queen of Hungary (£50 for full size, £25 for travel version).

If you are into rose scented mists, check Herbivore Rose and Hibiscus one (£18) or Organic Ermana Rose mist (£18).

3 Lip balm

Or seven of them. I have a little thing for lip balms, so despite having one in my beauty bag, there is a few on a loose in my handbag. Some of my current fave are: Eve Lom, Malin&Goetz, Rituals Smooth Operator, Herbivore one with a tint, any Burt’s and Bees one.

4 Hand Cream

When the sun’s out I don’t wear fragrance on my skin. The alcohol is drying and too harsh to apply on the skin when exposed to the sun. This is when fragranced hand cream comes into play. Byredo’s range of hand creams is very light and extremely fragranced. Perfect to gently hydrate your skin and fill the air around you in amazing Byredo scent. (£27)

5 Hand Sanitizer

You’ll need this one between removing the chicken leg out of your dog’s mouth and starting snacking on your vegan sausages.

Aesop (£7)

6 Mini deodorant

We are only humans. Stuck a mini one in your handbag! Everyone around you will be grateful 🙂

Malin&Goetz mini deo (£12)

I hope you have an unforgettable weekend ahead! Please spend your time in a sun responsibly and enjoy!