The last of the trilogy Skinity’s top 5 of 2018 is not about tangibles but about moments. Moments that turned into memories or those that marked a beginning of something very precious to me.

2018 was a hell of a year for me, but somehow I’m ending it on a great note! It’s all in your perspective! Take all the bad things that happen to you as a lesson, stand up and move on!

My favourite 5 moments (in chronological order):

1 Getting a cat

At some point in our relationship we decided to check if we are “cat people”, so we adopted a cat. Bubbles. She’s 11 and she is the best cat ever.

She is the absolute boss of our household and all of us have some kind of a scar somewhere at all times.

2 Getting engaged

We were on our way to get a new puppy after losing our dearest Karlo back in February. On our road trip through Germany we stopped for the night in a cute small village called Rothenburg. I was dead tired after driving for hours (also managed to get 2 speeding tickets on the Autobahn), started to sip on my well deserved beer when Anil suddenly kneeled in front of me with the most perfect ring in his hands …

He’s a part of every single happy memory of this year therefore I still stand by my decision to say yes. I also forgave him to steal the thunder of our new puppy. 🙂

No, we don’t have a date yet, nor we started planning our wedding …we have some other plans first, so thank you for not asking 🙂

3 Getting a puppy


As mentioned before, this little bunch of fluff came into our lives after we lost Karlo. She is a complete opposite of Karlo, who was very calm and  a very low maintenance dog. This little tush was a handful. I really don’t remember these small little creatures requesting SO much energy. At the end it all paid of and she is now (almost a year ols) such an amazing dog!

She still doesn’t get the concept of fetch, but which bullterrier does?

Bubbles still hates her.

4 Australia

I want to say this was my favourite holiday of all times but don’t we say that for every last holiday we’ve been to?

Our biggest achievement was still talking to each other after traveling for 28 hours. We started our Australian journey at the beautiful beach wedding in Byron Bay, where I managed to lose my shoes … and ended it up in Melbourne that became my favourite city of all times. It has everything big cities have yet you can get around it within minutes. I’ve met some amazing people along the way, hanged out with my cuz and cuddled a kangaroo. Perfect!

5 Organizing Anil’s surprise birthday party

I’m still impressed that none of the invitees (and me) spilt the secret for over a month. We tricked him that we are going to a theatre – that’s what you get when you’re 40, right – the culture.

He hates surprises and didn’t feel to celebrate this year … here comes wifey of the year award!When he entered our favourite bar and faced 40 people singing Happy birthday to him, he was the happiest I’ve seen him in a while. Drawing that giant smile on his face was defo one of my absolute highlights of the year!


As cliche as it sounds but collecting memories not things is something we should all aim for.

Happy new year lovely people! I hope 2019 brings you loads of laughs and pure moments of happiness!