This week we eat cheese and reflect, remember?

We continue our trilogy with 5 top non-beauty related products that made my past year. Believe me, you need all of them!

1 Stella McCartney Shark phone case

It doesn’t get any cuter than this.

This case is humongous (hence you’ll also need a new handbag to carry this thing around), but it’s  literally un-destroyable. Drop your phone on bathroom floor and it will just bounce away. The quality of the rubber is outstanding. Bali got a hold of it a few times while teething and it still looks intact. Best phone case ever!!

2 Frank Green Coffee Cup

Coffee in London is just ridiculously expensive. If you don’t tolerate lactose (or you just don’t approve of milk industry) it will hit you at least 50p more. Outrageous.

There is trizillion coffee cups available, but all I’ve ever tried leaked at some point at the worst possible time in my most precious handbag.

This cute little cup is spill-free. When it’s sealed, it’s sealed! The best thing about it is that you can make your own colour combination. Cleaning of the top can be a little challenging, but overall it’s a perfect carrier for your favourite hot drink.

My advice is to get a dark bottom part as it has rubbery feel to it and can get a little grubby with time.

Some of the colours are currently on sale!

3 Dyson Ball Animal 2

When I moved to England, my ol’ trusted hoover moved with me. At some point this year time finally took its toll and we were on the market for a new one.

In the end we’ve decided for this bad boy. This is the daddy of hoovers. Its sucking power is outstanding. It smoothly moves from hard floor to carpeted floor without having to change the tool, picking up dust bunnies of all sizes. I was actually slightly grossed by the amount of dust it picked up on it’s first session in our bedroom … only three days after hoovering it with my old hoover. I can’t praise it enough – LOVE IT!

Already eying the cordless V8 one … you know …for the days in between 🙂

4 Humidifier/oil burner

Owning two fluffy animals means three things: (1) you are one lucky person :), (2) you need a kick-a** hoover (see above) and you need something to make your living space smelling nice.

I found this oil burner on Amazon for a tenner and it’s big enough to run for at least 4 hours and fills the air with a nice scent. I am a sucker for fresh linen and cottony oils. At the same time it humidifies the air which is very beneficial for your skin. Win-Win!

5 Klaus

A few years ago my boyfriend and I went through some tough times. To get out of London more often and take Karlo further than to a local park, we bought a £500 old banger and named it Klaus (we always name our vehicles … please don’t judge!). Today this heap of metal has its own Instagram profile and more followers than I do. Since getting it, we could easily afford a new car but we just can’t let Klaus go. He is part of our best memories from the past couple of years. #klausforpresident

Which non beauty products made your life easier this year?