A week between Christmas and New Years Eve is a weird one:

  • you are not sure which day of a week it is
  • you run on leftovers and cheese (and wine)
  • all you can wear is elasticated trousers
  • you frantically organising kitchen cupboards, wardrobes and bathroom because in 2019 you finally WILL get your sh** together and you’ll be more organised! Hahaha

… it’s also time to reflect on all the good things and memories from the past year.

Here is the first post of Skinity’s Top 5 of 2018: Best of Beauty.

1 Dermalogica BioLumin-C serum

This serum does it all: hydrates, exfoliates and brighten. I saw a difference in my skin after using it for a couple of days. The full review is here.

2 Le Labo The Noir fragrance

This one was the last treat in the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar in 2017. It wasn’t love at first sniff, but after starting using it, The Noir has become my staple scent. I only wish it wasn’t so bloody expensive.

3 Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Another treat from the last years Advent Calendar made its way on my Top 5 list – the infamous Bum Bum cream! Vanilla cupcake with tiny shimmer is something I wouldn’t normally go for. It’s ingredients list is not outstanding, but the body cream is just divine. Since discovering it I also acquired their lip balm and body spray.

4 Hada Labo Premium Hyaluronic Acid lotion

Everyone raves about this HA serum so I had to pick it up during a layover in Taiwan. £12 for 180ml is a bargain for this serum. It’s worth waiting 4 weeks for delivery if you order it on Amazon. (I use it in the morning as the Dermalogica one above is a tad too pricey for using twice a day 🙂

5 Herbivore Phoenix oil

I’ve tried many face oils and somehow none of the fancy oil blends has never ticked all the boxes as much as pure Trilogy Rosehip oil. Phoenix oil has best of both worlds – jojoba, rosehip and chia seed oils with a hint of rose and neroli essential oils. Perfect! The best thing is it comes in tiny size so you can try it before splurging on the big size. I would actually always go with the small size as rosehip oil has a very short shelf life.

What are your favourite beauty discoveries of 2018?