You know the situation with my hair. I’ve been alternating between sulphate-free and sulphate-full shampoos. And honestly, I haven’t noticed any significant difference between two. This must have something to do with me not using any styling products or silicones. Avoiding the latter makes the biggest difference. But that’s a topic for another post.

Before I reveal my all time favourite SLS-free shampoos, here are a few things you should be aware of when switching to a healthier option:

1 SLS-free shampoos have lower “cleansing power”, so to achieve the desired results, you will probably have to shampoo at least twice.

2 A shampoo is for hair #statingtheobvious, but really it’s main task is to cleanse your scalp. ALWAYS choose a shampoo which suits your scalp condition. If you get oily quickly after you’ve washed it, you may opt for a more cleansing shampoo. If it’s dry and itchy, you should go for something moisturising and calming. You then treat your hair with a conditioner.

3 Get over the fact SLS free shampoos don’t foam as much. This doesn’t mean they don’t work!

4 Some brands or (even worse) some beauty media powerhouses claim that some products are sulphates free, but they really mean SLS and SLES free. OGX shampoos, for example, use Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate, which is a common substitute for the bad SLS. It does have a different molecular structure and behaves a tiny bit different, but it’s still a sulphate and it can dry your skin out and cause irritation. It’s like going for Coca-Cola Zero instead of Original one. Still, not a synonym for a healthy lifestyle, is it? If you’ve decided to go sulphate free go sulphate free.

5 As mentioned here, I am not completely against Sulphates as if you use them in moderation, your skin will not flake off just like that. In case you’re suffering from really irritated scalp (or really dry skin on your body) SLS free products should be your first choice. Sulphates are not the worst enemies in your hair care – silicones are.

Here’s my top 5:

  1. Aubrey Organics

I have two favourites from their range: GPB and Green Tea. Latter is a bit more cleansing (but not stripping as normal cleansing shampoo can be) than the first one, but both of them are great. Both have matching conditioners, that are amazing too. Love, love, love Aubrey Organics hair care.

AubreyOrganics GPB AubreyOrganicsGreenTea

Just under £7.00 for a 325ml bottle. I think in the UK they are only available online.

  1. Rahua

Rainforest in your shower? Yes, please! A tiny bit pricier option, but a very indulging experience of washing your hair. Very gentle and low foaming, but not sure about its volumising effect. 

Rahua Voluminous

£28 for 275ml. Available in Harrods, Liberty, some hair salons and online.

  1. Yes to Coconut

If you’re up for a drugstore option (price and availability wise), this is a range for you! Great range, amazing scent and it doesn’t break your bank.

Yes to coco

£5.99 for 280ml in Boots, Drugstore and even on Asos!

  1. Aesop

The only sulphate free shampoo in Aesop hair range is the Colour Protection one. It’s a great and gentle option even if you don’t dye your hair. If you are a sucker for smell this is the one. No artificial fragrance – score!

Aesop CP shampoo

£31 for 500ml or £17 for 200ml.

  1. John Masters Organics

John Masters Organics brand is my fave from the beginning of my “skincare junkie era”. Their face SPF and vitamin C serum are among my all-time favourite products. Evening Primrose shampoo (in combo with Honey and Hibiscus reconstructor – which makes me eat beans on toast for the rest of the month) are no exception.


£26 for 475ml in Wholefoods or online.

Do you have a good recommendation?