It’s been 52 days since my last post …

Since then:

1 My new project was born. It’s not skincare related as I am a typical girl who also love’s fashion (and dogs). So I’ve launched a lovely brand of shoe accessory shoelaces called Laceup. They are available at I had forgotten how much work and time it takes to start a new business whilst having a full-time day job, a dog, a very expensive gym membership plus a new series of The Walking Dead AND Stranger Things to get through.


Oh, and a boyfriend. something had to take a little time out – and it wasn’t going to be my beauty sleep!

2 I’ve acquired THE BEST beauty buy of the year – a Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar. I wish someone would have filmed me trying to manoeuvre it on the tube home, during rush hour from Central London. It’s absolutely HUMUNGOUS. I’ve decided to class this purchase as a splurge. Oops. And so I had to get a chocolate advent calendar for my boy and Karlo our dog a cookie flavoured one to justify my very limited remaining November budget.


The giant advent calendar is now staring at me from the corner of our living room. It’s a long wait until December 1st.

I’m an adult. I have patience.

To be honest I am struggling and don’t think it will make it by then anyway. It’s really hard to see all of the little drawers with those goodies – especially as I know that they are mine. ALL MINE. MINE! MINE MINE MINE!! Which brings me to …

3 I am on a strict “beauty-buying-ban” at least until the end of the year. We decided this (yes we, because he made me agree) after I started looking for new furniture to store my beauty stash. Not just Muji storage solutions, furniture.

Since this difficult decision was taken, Birchbox has opened their pop-up shop, Lixir skincare was launched, and all the blinky Christmasy gift sets have hit the shelves. All that I can do is just look and drool. It’s going better than all of my usual new year’s resolutions by the mid-January though, so I am happy …

Despite the beauty diet, there is no reason to worry that Skinity might run out of content. “We have enough beauty products to sponsor a global beauty pageant” apparently.

Skinity is back! Thank you for your patience!