There’s not much to change in your skincare routine during your pregnancy. As the skin is much more prone to melasma it’s recommended to use sun protection daily. If you don’t already …

Just because it’s gloomy outside and it’s dark at 4pm it doesn’t mean you should skip this step  at least in the morning. Nobody wants a marble cake face …

Skinity got you covered! Here’s a roundup of my current favourite facial moisturisers with SPF50. 

1 QMS Cosmetics

I absolutely love this brand! A cosmetic surgeon treating trauma reconstructions dr. Schulte launched this brand in 1980s. The brand has an amazing ethos and what I like the most about it is it doesn’t promise miracles just pure science.

The cellular sun shield is one of my go to SPFs as I need light and reliable daily protection. The product contain mixed sunscreens: mineral and chemical, it doesn’t leave white residue but absorbs quickly.

I am in love with their Active Glow tinted moisturiser with SPF15 as well. Not one, two of them are waiting in my stash for after I pop. It provides the most perfect glow with a tint of  colour – it doesn’t work as a foundation but more than coverage it evens out the skin tone. This brand is not spoken about enough …

30ml for £69

2 Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery

Dermalogica is my other trusted brand when it comes to skincare concerns. I’ve tried and tested most of their sunscreens and this is my absolute favourite when I want high level of protection and advanced formula. It’s not “just” a sunscreen but an advanced product with polypeptides and antioxidants preventing skin damage caused by other pollutants as well. The texture is very light and fast absorbing, I personally apply serum and moisturiser (or even oil on a chilly day) under this.

50ml FOR £66

3 Aesop Protective Body Lotion

Body!? Yep. This one is my “slap and go” sunscreen used for my early mornings dog walks – when it’s too early for a full on skincare rut. Just a splash of water and a layer of a body sunscreen.

This product is ultra light and milky, really enjoyable product for a hot Summer days to use on a body and won’t hurt you if you apply it on your face. It does contain Spearmint essential oil which gives it such an incredible and not typical scent for a sunscreen. I’m not sure I would use it as my daily sun protection, but it really works well for its purpose.

150ml for £30


These three are my go to’s during pregnancy as I am not compromising for protection lower than SPF50. I did write about my facial faves in some previous posts here and here