Skinity has a brand new look!!

But why, you may ask …

A lot has happened since my last blog post. I lost my focus a little bit, procrastination took over and Skinity took a back seat.

Another life changing thing happened that changed my focus in life lately. We are expecting a new member to our family … this time not a fluffy one!!

All this brought me to a decision to expand the beauty focus on Skinity to now cover more lifestyle topics for all 30+ girls who are trying to figure out their lives and to get their sh** together.

That’s a life period when people expect you’ll have your career sorted, live in your own property and have two kids and a dog. Well, the reality is you still occasionally wake up with yesterday’s mascara on, hangovers last until Tuesday and you’re scavenging the “reduced” area in Tesco week before the payday because you’ve spent half of your wage on ASOS and Uber Eats. Not as you imagined adulting.

Neither did I.

That’s why Skinity 2.0 is bringing you …

All things beauty, food, life wisdoms, a bit of fashion (well, let’s try with +10kgs and counting) and an occasional mum-to-be topic.

All that is a Skinity way – sincere, blunt and without unnecessary faff. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to meet the little one, it’s just a little difficult to think about all the upcoming joys of motherhood when your boobs are growing uncontrollably, your face looks like a marble cake and your pelvic floor is giving up on life.

I hope you’re on board!