An cheeky little “instant” facial I can squeeze into my already rammed lunch break? Erm, Yes please!

Warning!! Unflattering angle.


Skin Laundry is a 15-minute “done before you know it” treatment of YAG laser (deeply cleanses your pores) and lPL light therapy (evens out skin tone and brightens) which leaves your skin feel tighter than that size 8 “little black dress”, and cleaner than Monica’s apartment.

It starts with a James Bond style laser that, let’s be honest, can feel a little stingy, but let’s be honest ladies – who doesn’t like a little tingling sensation now and again. Think of it as somewhere between applying a potent vitamin C serum and tattooing. In fact, its nowhere near as bad as tattooing. It’s actually quite pleasant. The most satisfying part of this oh so worth it process is that you can literally smell the gunk from your pores burning. It finishes off with IPL light treatment – you don’t feel a thing there, the red light flashes a few times through the goggles. Star Wars style.

But not.

Skin feels resurfaced, soft, clean and tight. Results are instant and visible. You might end up with a bit of redness, but it calms down in minutes. 

As with everything skincare (and gym) related, you have to keep going to maintain results. (One session isn’t going to get rid of those bingo wings) You see where I’m going with this. But it’s worth trying as the first treatment is free, and whats not to love about free. The next session will burn a whole in your pocket for the sum of £60, however bundles are available. At the moment the only locations in Europe are Liberty London and Harvey Nichols in Leeds. They are soon coming to Bristol.