Did you know?

Before I start babbling on about skin care, let’s take some biology lessons … again.

Warning: some pretty gross but fun facts coming up …

  1. Skin is the human body’s largest organ.
  2. It has three main functions: protection, regulation, and sensation. Oh, and it’s waterproof.
  3. It weighs up to 15% of a person’s total body weight.
  4. We shed over 30,000 skin cells EVERY MINUTE. (without exfoliating) That’s up to 4 kilos a year = the weight of an average Miniature Sausage dog. Or a Toy poodle. Yek.
  5. The skin renews itself fully every 28 days, just like a girl’s menstrual cycle.
  6. Apparently, more than 50% of the dust in your home is dead skin. (Great. I now see dust bunnies in completely new light.)
  7. It has three layers:
    1. Epidermis (it regenerates itself, where the sun tan is “held” and where that small dog of cells (from fact 4) falls off every year
    2. Dermis (a layer with some goodies: all the “systems” of skin, collagen, tattoos, hair follicles and sweat glands; but also the “not so good” – pimples are made here. It doesn’t regenerate either, so if you cut yourself deep enough to reach the dermis, it will leave a scar) and
    3. Hypodermis (the linking part between skin and muscles or bones).
  8. The skin on your body (0.6 mm) is thicker than the on your face (0.12 mm). Plus the face is the only part of your body that is exposed all year long – to pollutants, the sun, and cold – … just another reason to handle it with special care!
  9. Men’s skin is different to a woman’s – it’s thicker (up to 25%), tougher and oilier. That’s not to say you can’t slap your moisturizer on his face when you see he needs some. But there is more to men’s specialized cosmetics than just macho packaging with a musky scent. 
  10. Skinity is the place to follow if you are up for learning about skin and how to take care of it. And it won’t always be as disgusting. I Promise.

How many of those did you know?

Now, grab a hoover and come back next week …