All my life I really wanted to believe I am some sort of fashionista. I think at my 37 I am confident to say I’m not. I don’t even match any of the most common “styles”. More so my style is all over the place. Some of my friends described it as “Japanese teenager”, but I also like to implement some shapeless hipster pieces from COS, some goth inspired additions and even pin-up styles. I really do have a weird taste. I normally like what no one else does so I do amazing on sales …

I am not a big fan of fast fashion anymore. I don’t buy loads of clothes to wear once or twice. I still buy from Zara and H&M, but I try to look for good quality pieces that last for years.

That’s why I wasn’t keen to buy many pregnancy clothes that are only useful for a couple of months. Thankfully my wardrobe had quite a few oversized clothes already. I did buy some of the pieces that I can wear when I get my waist back anyway.

The only pregnancy essentials I recommend you to buy are comfortable wireless bras and pregnancy jeans/trousers. I got myself three pairs from H&M sale and they did amazing! Wore them since the week 10. They made my life super comfy from the early stage and still going strong after having a baby before I will melt this belly on crossfit – 4 weeks and 2 days until I can start again … 

I did sin and bought myself one pregnancy dress in which I ended up resembling an overcooked hot dog 🙂

So here are my recommendations of clothing you should look for to last you long after the little one will be out. I almost doubled in size and gained 21 kilos in total (on my pre-pregnancy 50) …

Here are some ideas:

1 A-shaped dresses/tunics

A-shaped dresses are super flattering for many different body types. I love them in general so I had loads in stock before I pee’d on a stick. They will hide your bump for the first couple of months and later work amazingly to cover your bump when you will be desperate to pop. Just make sure they are long enough 🙂

2 Dresses with “empire” waist

Empire waist sounds so boujie. They are essentially the ones with the cut under your bust. They will hug your bump from the bust down. I managed to get my hands on an amazing dress from Zara that actually cuts on the waist but it worked well when I just pulled it up. It was around £20 price tag and will be used as a normal dress after the baby!

3 Tops with a side split

I love T-shirts! They were my go to with jeans but if I wanted a normal T-shirt I would have to go for much bigger size and it would make it way too oversized. That’s why T-shirts with a side split work really well when you have to cover your bump. Again: make sure it’s long enough!

4 Cardigans

I admit, cardigans are not my forte. In my eyes they suit you if you are under 1 or over 70yo. They can be an essential if you are due in Winter.

5 Humongous scarfs

I love scarves! They can make such a difference to the outfit and they can make your heavily pregnant life so much easier as you don’t have to buy a new coat. Coat can be quite an investment that really doesn’t make sense if you need it for two months only. It’s not only for your wallet sake, it’s also much kinder to the environment!

There is actually a video about it on my IGTV.

Did you splurge on clothing during your pregnancy? What were your essentials?