Last week we covered a Korean inspired routine, that should be a part of both mornings and evenings (we all know that cheesy line: you are the first thought when I wake up, and the last before I fall asleep).

This time we are going for all the extras that should be done at least once a week. once again it all depends on your skin’s condition. It’s a trial and fail type of thing!

For me, Sundays are usually time for a proper pamper! I run a bath (bubbles are out, salts and oils are in –  more about that in one of the future posts), pour a glass of red, turn up some jazz covers, and do all the shenanigans which my face, hair and body require.

Here are some treatments that will give you healthy and happy skin if you give them a go.

1 Exfoliation

We’ve learned already that on average, the human body sheds 4 kilos of dead skin cells every year – naturally. But that is not enough! In order to get rid of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface and have an evened out skin tone/healthy glow, you need to EXFOLIATE!

How often should you do it?

Not every day, but more than once a week. It’s best to avoid all of those 2in1 clean and peel products. Cleaning is a ritual that needs to be performed every day. Exfoliating is an add-on. We only ever exfoliate clean skin. 

A lot of drugstore brands use plastic exfoliating beads. The good news is that they normally do their job! The  bad news is they don’t break down, ever!!  Unfortunately, they manage to slip through the water system and enter the ocean where they get eaten by fish. It’s not the world’s biggest environmental threat, but eating a fish that has the remains of a someone else’s pampering session ? – I will pass, thank you.

I normally make my own exfoliator.  This way I know what’s in it ,and can avoid all potentially irritating preservatives and fragrances. Use baking soda, sugar or smooched berries as a scrub with oils and honey. (Some homemade recipes coming up soon!!). Avoid salt as it is way too harsh to use anywhere on your body, let alone your face.

This is a mechanical method to get rid of old dead skin cells that make your skin look dull and form free radicals.

There is also another way of removing them (drumroll) … acids.

2 Acids

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of hype around AHA and BHA in skincare. They are a great addition to your routine to get the skin you always wanted. What I think that’s missing around the hype is a giant warning label that should come with their instructions: if you don’t use them right, you can severely damage your skin.


There are different products with acids – from toners and liquids to cleaning gels and creams.

After finding the right products for you, I promise that the results will be outstanding! There are just a few precautions worth taking into consideration:

  • when you start, use them every other day rather than daily. Test products with different concentrations and find the one that gives you the best results.
  • use acids in leave-on products. Cleaner gets washed off before acids penetrate your skin. Choose toner or moisturiser.
  • acids have the amazing ability to penetrate the skin, so I give them time and wait a few minutes before I apply the next product.
  • don’t use it around your eyes (avoid eyelids and the area directly under the lower lash line).
  • and the most important: using acids makes your skin much more photo-sensitive. This means using an effective sunscreen is a MUST. If you don’t, you will cause your skin more damage than good. And I am not talking about a foundation with 15 SPF, but a proper sunscreen with mineral filters as they create a physical barrier on your skin. If you are not keen to use it on a daily basis, avoid using acids from April – October.

3 Masks

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to face masks! They are not an essential part of your routine but offer skin a little boost. Face masks are everywhere, how do you even choose the right one?

1 Deep cleaning/detoxing masks

Since moving to London I’ve noticed that my skin is exposed to so much more dirt and other pollutants. That’s why I give my skin detox sessions at least twice a week. Look for clay, mud or charcoal within the ingredients lists. I’ve tried quite a few market products, but honestly, I don’t think there are a lot of them worth the hype (or money). So I “cook” my own. Clay (green, white, red, violet …) and water – and that’s it! You can mix in some “extras” such as neem powder, a drop of tea tree essential oil or even olive oil to make it more moisturising. Clay has the outstanding capability of soaking up excess oils and impurities from your pores. Just don’t leave it on for too long (10 minutes max) or it will dry your skin.

2 Moisturising

Did you know that even if you have oily skin, it is more than likely to be dehydrated? You must pamper it with a proper moisture boost at least few times a week. Especially during the colder months.

You can kill two birds with one stone by adapting the homemade clay recipe and use it to make a moisturising mask – add honey, glycerin, aloe vera or rosewater. Play with ingredients to find a perfect mix.

If you are feeling a little lazy, and don’t wish to make your own, grab an overnight one. And don’t forget to clean your face the morning after. 

Another option is a sheet mask. They are affordable and normally come in the form of individual sachets, so you can try a lot without breaking a bank. Guess who invented them?? The Koreans of course!

They are easy to use – open the packet, place it on your face, take a selfie, wait for the instructed time, remove it and spread the remained serum over your face. Go to bed.

Hope all this helps you all achieve better-looking skin! I never said the way to happy and healthy skin is easy!