• Skinity’s top 5 of 2018 – Memories

    31st December 2018

    The last of the trilogy Skinity’s top 5 of 2018 is not about tangibles but about moments. Moments that turned into memories or those that marked a beginning of something very precious to me. 2018 was a hell of a year for me, but somehow I’m ending it on a great note! It’s all in…

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  • Skinity’s Top 5 of 2018: Best of Non-Beauty

    30th December 2018

    This week we eat cheese and reflect, remember? We continue our trilogy with 5 top non-beauty related products that made my past year. Believe me, you need all of them! 1 Stella McCartney Shark phone case It doesn’t get any cuter than this. This case is humongous (hence you’ll also need a new handbag to…

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  • Skinity’s Top 5 of 2018: Best of Beauty

    29th December 2018

    A week between Christmas and New Years Eve is a weird one: you are not sure which day of a week it is you run on leftovers and cheese (and wine) all you can wear is elasticated trousers you frantically organising kitchen cupboards, wardrobes and bathroom because in 2019 you finally WILL get your sh**…

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