Switch your skincare routine to Winter Mode

I cycle to work as I prefer to face the fear of London roads than squeeze onto a tube whilst my face gets stuck to the back of someone’s coat – quite a common issue for all 5’242456 sized girls trying to commute to Central London during rush hour.


The other day I couldn’t feel my face when I was dismounting my Purple Thunder, (yes, my bike has a name), so I thought it may be time to write a post on how to re-jig our skincare routines when WINTER IS HERE. Let’s face it. It’s gonna’ be freezing, windy and drizzly for the next 9 months. It’s time to change a few things.

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Why did Skinity go quiet?

It’s been 52 days since my last post …

Since then:

1 My new project was born. It’s not skincare related as I am a typical girl who also love’s fashion (and dogs). So I’ve launched a lovely brand of shoe accessory shoelaces called Laceup. They are available at www.laceup-uk.com. I had forgotten how much work and time it takes to start a new business whilst having a full-time day job, a dog, a very expensive gym membership plus a new series of The Walking Dead AND Stranger Things to get through.


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Skinity’s faves: SLS free shampoos

You know the situation with my hair. I’ve been alternating between sulphate-free and sulphate-full shampoos. And honestly, I haven’t noticed any significant difference between two. This must have something to do with me not using any styling products or silicones. Avoiding the latter makes the biggest difference. But that’s a topic for another post.

Before I reveal my all time favourite SLS-free shampoos, here are a few things you should be aware of when switching to a healthier option:

1 SLS-free shampoos have lower “cleansing power”, so to achieve the desired results, you will probably have to shampoo at least twice.

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