Le Labo The Noir – finding your statement scent

Finding your statement scent is as difficult as finding the perfect man. It may never happen in your lifetime. I’ve been lucky enough to find both (let’s keep the sweet talk for at least until we get to the price tag).

I was never really into fragrances. Not because I didn’t want to smell nice, I just didn’t find a scent with my name on it. I remember my mom’s favourite scent (today is 8 years since she’s gone). It was the classic Chanel no.5. I still own her bottle and spray it on super special occasions only. To have her by my side. I think that’s such a sweet way of remembering our dearest who are no longer with us.


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The biggest lessons are learned when life hits you hard

2018 has not been treating me well … In fact, this is actually a big fat understatement.

It all started in January when I woke up with an excruciating pain – a kidney stone. I am a pretty tough cookie when it comes to pain, but OMG this was another level. It was small enough that they couldn’t do anything to it, but way too big for it to pass without me almost fainting away. I had only two options: suffer through the “out of this world” pain or be all dizzy from the “borderline illegal” painkillers. It took 2.5 weeks to pass. Ouch.

During a CT scan to find that stupid stone, another scary growth was found on one of my ovaries, that scared the sh** out of me as they referred to it as a tumour. Everyone who has lost one of their dearest people to cancer are very afraid of that word.

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