Get your sh** together!

I know this post is not beauty related. Don’t worry, I’m still a beauty junkie (with a face mask on as we speak) with a plethora of skincare content coming …

Let me know if you like it!

GET YOUR Sh together

We are halfway through January. A month of new beginnings and numerous personal challenges. Did you know about 80% of all new year resolutions fail by the beginning of February? Well, life happens and all your dreams about becoming a yoga guru chewing on a stick of celery after a fulfilling day at work crash into pieces. Instead of going for a long walk, you end up spending Saturday binge-watching Netflix with a bowl of crisps and a glass of red.

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My beauty discoveries of 2017

There are just 17 days of 2017 left. How are your NY resolutions going? 🙂

I’ve surprisingly stuck with all but one. But I’m quitting again.

The countdown begins and so does mini-series of retrospective to an exciting year behind us.

I’m starting with a list of new beauty discoveries which not only made their way into my beauty stash (honestly, not THAT difficult) but also stayed there (very difficult). So here’s the majestic four that made the cut …


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