So far, I think we’ve all figured out that there’s is no magic potion in a jar that will reverse the signs of aging or make our skin glow overnight. Care for our skin is a long-term investment. It takes more than following tips from beauty blogs and choosing right the product for your skin.

We’ve all committed a lifestyle crime toward the well-being of our skin. But it’s never too late to start tweaking our lives here and there to see great results. So here are some non-beauty life hacks that will make your skin cleaner and happier.

Oh, and I will skip all the most obvious ones that you (hopefully) probably already know: (1) no smoking, (2) no unprotected sun exposure, (3) feed your skin from within and (4) drink more water than you would usually on those dreaded hangover mornings.

1 Have a separate towel just for your face

You’ll use it quite rarely as you apply products on damp skin (we learned that here), but you don’t want to do it with other towels which are full of dead skin cells or accidentally use the one used to wipe your dog’s paws after walks. And let other people living with you know about it. You definitely don’t want to use a towel that’s been used to clean the floor or something even grosser. Again, wash it as often as possible.

2 Use a bath robe

For many years, I have used olive oil on a daily basis after every shower. I use it while still in the shower so that my skin is wet. It’s the quickest and the most effective mini treat for the skin. It takes 4 pumps of the product and 10 seconds to apply. It wouldn’t be as effective if I would use a towel to dry my skin. So I wrap myself in a flannel robe and do other stuff – skincare, makeup, breakfast… After few minutes the skin is dry and not at all greasy or smelling of the oil. I haven’t seen a dry patch on my body for years.

Olive oil is a great addition to your skincare, however, it’s not enough. Don’t think that this is a shortcut to a silky smooth skin. It’s just one positive step in your body care routine. For the best results when dry, still apply your favorite body lotion/butter/cream over it.

3 Change your pillow cases more often

I don’t know how often you change your bedding, nor am I here to judge! But you should change pillowcases at least twice a week. Whilst sleeping, you constantly shed skin cells, there are some remains of products still hanging out that haven’t penetrated your skin yet, and you also sweat.

So – especially if you are facing oily and blemishes prone skin – grab some extra pillow cases on your next trip to Ikea.

4 Say NO to milk (and cheese … and ice cream)

Dairy products can be a big reason for blemishes, oily skin, and even some signs of aging. Milk contains growth hormones, insulin growth factors, inflammatory substances … Cutting down on your cheese/ice cream cravings can significantly change the appearance of your skin. The worst is the powdered version – coffee machines. So next time you grab a coffee from the office vending machine, press the espresso button and bring your own vegetable milk or order a soy latte instead of a regular one in Starbucks.

5 Stop touching your face!

Not to seen as 100% concrete reliable evidence, there are some numbers to be found in the majestic world of the internet that an average person touches their face from 3 to 16 times an hour. My advice? Don’t do it. The skin on our face is already exposed to sooo many pollutants every day that we really shouldn’t pat all the bacteria from our keyboards/tube/cash/life on it.

It’s not the easiest thing to do, but try and be conscious of it. If you lower “touching yourself” 🙂 for only once a day every day, it’s a big improvement!

Probably the most important part of this week’s blog – you now have another excuse for a trip to Ikea. Whilst you’re there, grab some glass jars. You will need them next week when we’ll be discovering secret gems in your kitchen cupboards that can be also used for your skin.