I don’t know about you, but my favourite thing to do on my days off is to find someone at least half as passionate about skincare as I am and chat away. Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show is a perfect place for this and much more.

It’s a place for you if you are into natural skincare, healthy(-ish) food or you’re a junkie for everything new in the organic universe.

For me it’s place to meet inspiring people, talk to founders of brands I absolutely adore, taste interesting culinary and discover never before seen products!

The show is divided into three areas: Beauty, Food and Products. Here are some main observed trends across the fields:

1 CBD is a humongous trend in beauty, supplements and food. It’s absolutely everywhere. I have not yet jump on the bandwagon of it, however I absolutely enjoyed some dark chocolate infused with this “magical” oil. 

2 Veganism is becoming mainstream! I’ve tried around 7645438 vegan cheeses and, to be honest, I would swap almost every single one for any cheddar or edam from the supermarket. Nom. I am not vegan, nor is my skincare. I am enjoying everything new and innovative in this field though. 

3 Kombucha is a drink of the future. It comes in 44672542 different flavours, yet none of them can cover its ld stinky socks taste. I will skip this one. 

4 There is a pill for anything! The world of supplements is growing rapidly. If you don’t consume some kind of collagen, do you even have skin?

The world is spinning in the wrong direction of ultimate convenience. Products are created to satisfy a customer with a fast-paced lifestyle instead of encouraging them to stop and “smell the flowers”, make a meal from scratch and take some time for their mindfulness. No capsule/drop under a tongue/powder meal substitute will fix you when you burn out.


In the Beauty area you can a healthy mix of already established brands in the UK market as well as Indie brands of small bathes brands “cooking” their products in their own kitchens. It’s so inspiring to talk to creators and owners of these small brands. Who knows, maybe one of them becomes a new The Body Shop!

My personal favourite take-aways from this years edition of the show:

  • all newly discovered products with sun-protection (bring it on sun!) – Organii, Naveen, Trilogy is launching their first SPF in May, Green People …
  • a natural K-beauty brand with very promising products – Whamisa (girl on the stand was extremely helpful and knowledgable – I blame her for half of their range being on my wish list)
  • finding my beloved coconut sugar for half the price I am currently paying! It’s from a brand Royal Green. Worth checking the whole range.
  • discovering a cute British skincare brand Dr. Botanicals. Very catchy branding and some promising formulas. 
  • Dog food. Insect based dog food. The main source of protein are grubs. I still have mixed feelings about it and haven’t grown a pair to actually feed Bali with it. Yet. 

Do you have your favourite show you don’t want to miss?