It’s here! The last day at work before your maternity leave. It almost feels like the last day before your holidays. But instead of flying to Spain the next day you are leaving for a whole year and beginning of something that will ruin change your life forever. Instead of getting wasted with your team, you try not to get embarrassed while transporting home a giant helium balloon on the tube in the rush hour.

This is the last stretch of your pregnancy, you feel like a turtle on its back and you are in a desperate need of your water breaking! Easy tiger! With your first one it most likely not gonna happen before your due date. So the waiting game begins!

There are some looong days ahead of you so here are some ideas how to spend them productively …

1 Stay active

By active I don’t mean lifting weights or running a half marathon. Instead of staying in your good ol’ pj (if it still fits) all day and nap or binge watch Netflix – which is what you really want to do, don’t you? – get ready and go for a walk. I know you’re tired and you finally have an excuse to stay in bed for the most of the day it will make you feel great. Fresh air has an amazing impact on your mood! It’s difficult to get up and go but after you’ve done it, you’ll feel so much better.

Bali was one lucky dog before I popped as we were walking around as much as I could handle.

Walking can also help to induce labour. Win-win.

After that walk you can then have a nap 🙂

2 Organise your phone

You might not have enough energy to do the whole Marie Kondo inspired Spring clean of the house but you can at least organise your phone/lap top. This might sound a little weird but after you’ll welcome a new member of your family, you’ll probably take trizillions of photos and the last thing you want is running out of memory. It was really useful that I’d organised all my photos in different albums on my cloud before birth.

3 Do things that make you feel better

… and are not sleeping. 🙂

It can be difficult to think about feeling good when you are giant, clumsy and tired. I felt super pampered when I went to have a pedi or when I dyed my hair. This is your time so don’t feel guilty spending some money on yourself! Pour yourself a nice bath (you won’t have one for a while as you’ll be bleeding for weeks), visit your hairdresser or afford yourself a nice pregnancy massage! Whatever flows your boat – or should I say tanker? 🙂

4 Wash all the baby clothes

I’m not sure if I’m in this alone – Anil refers to me as “she’s a washer!” – but I always wash my clothes before I put them on for the first time. Of course I did this same for Naomi whether they were handed down or new. When you’re still pregnant and you’re hanging those tiny little pieces of clothing you get all hormonal and find it extremely cute. Enjoy this moment because that’s the last time you’ll find it cute … ever! 

5 Start getting used to life with a newborn

You will never drink hot coffee ever again and you’ll have to get used to inhaling your food (which will normally be cold and dry by the time you’ll come to it). I’m not sure how but babies know exactly when you get hungry and for some unknown reason they try to prevent you from enjoying it. It might be worth getting used to it before you pop …

Some addition useful skills to develop in order to kick this whole motherhood extravaganza off …:

  • shower AND wash your hair in 39 second while singing made up songs to entertain the baby
  • turn your alarm on every 3 hours during the night (that only happens if you’re lucky) put a nipple clamp on chosen nipple stay awake for, let’s say, half an hour – again …if you’re lucky. Repeat and switch nipple every time …
  • Learn how to do house chores single-handed. When you master the basic level, increase the difficulty of the exercise by holding a bag of baby potatoes in one hand at all times.
  • Start forgiving yourself for not following through with all the plans and ideas you had before you became mum … manage your expectations. Your house won’t be intact, you will probably have a day when you won’t shower and you will order Uber Eats (and eat it cold) despite the fact that after birth, you’ll eat healthily … Getting a baby turns your life upside down and nobody can prepare you for what’s coming! it’s all worth it though … every time they cuddle up to you or look at you with their innocent eyes nothing else matters …

Are you a washer? 🙂