Life update

Time flies. As much as I want to be a blogger with consistent weekly posts, life always happens.

Here is what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks of Skinity silence:

1 I got engaged!!

We were on the way to pick up our new puppy (aww) all the way from Germany in our beloved old banger.. (our car actually has his own Instagram profile @klausthewagon. Yes, he has more followers than myself and Skinity combined. Go and show him some love). It was actually a little weekend trip. We stopped in Brussels to see our friends who’d recently moved, then, behind my back, he booked a hotel in a small little village I’d never heard of before – Rothenburg. Ok.

IMG_5283 3

So we went for a dinner after a long ride to a restaurant on one of many paved little streets. I was happily sipping on a pint of German lager, when suddenly he was on his knee beside me popping the question. What else should a girl do than burst into tears. I wasn’t even wearing any mascara … Well, if he wants to have me all gooey from a long ride and without makeup, than he can. 🙂

Now the exciting time start to plan the day. Our ideas of a perfect wedding are sooooo different. Can’t wait.

So now I am wearing this diamond ring, which is perfect. It feels a little weird as I don’t think I am lady-ish enough to wear this kind of jewellery on every day basis. Plus I have to keep my manicure intact at all times. Which is not the easiest of tasks when you have two animals at home. I don’t remember when I didn’t have a hair stuck on one of my nails.

A wedding was never on the top of my “to do in life” list, but I have to admit that even being engaged feels very special. I’m not sure if I can explain it. It just feels different. So comfortable, but not “stop shaving legs” kind of comfortable. It’s just … amazing! After almost five years with Him, after all ups and downs that challenged us on the way, I didn’t even dare to hope it could get any better. It did. He is the only man that’ve made me even consider saying yes to the question.

He also told me that my hand looks like a growth after 967th attempt to make an official photo. I’m telling you…pure love!

The event stole a puppy’s thunder a little bit, but we made it and …

2 We got a puppy!!!


As exciting as it sounds and as cute as she is, raising a bullterrier puppy is one handful task.

Her name is Bali, but I am considering renaming her Termite or Terrorist. She is a tiny little creature with puppy eyes but also with a clear plan of how to destroy the flat, conquer the household and eat everything she can possibly swallow.


I am really happy we have Bubbles the cat. She’s the ultimate boss and the only one Bali obeys. You can guess they are not besties (just yet), but they’re getting there – the maximum time without a cat slap so far was 35 hours. Which is great. I would slap her if she ate my food, play with all of my toys and sneaked up to sniff me from behind … especially if I was an 11 year old slightly deaf cat. Wouldn’t you?

I will probably moan here and there a little but with all honesty (now, when they both are fed and sleeping) having these two fluffs in my life is just one of the best things ever and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Maybe for a lifetime stock of Oreo Ice Cream? … no, no no. Would’t change these two … I mean three (with the guy from above :)).

After a rocky beginning of 2018 I said to myself … The only way is up. This, my lovelies, is the happiest I’ve been in a looong time.