Spoiler alert: The first two weeks with your newborn are just the best! You both are still tired from labour and all you two both do is sleep – eat – poop – repeat! Even if you don’t want to sleep 22 hours a day, the baby will and you’ll have 3-hours windows to do whatever you want. At the time I had my nails done, flat clean, happy and entertained dog and cat … thinking to myself: what are they saying having a baby is hard?!

Oh, it gets harder! They stop sleeping, get gases trapped in their tummies and start complaining if they are not touching you every. single. minute.

At the beginning I thought to myself: I got this!  but having had a couple of days without a shower, greasy hair and a messy flat, I’m not that sure about that anymore.

I did manage to find a way to maintain a healthy skincare routines now when the pregnancy glow is gone! Here’s the secret …

1 Create opportunities

This might sound like some motivational crap … In my experience you don’t have 10 minutes available every time before bed to do your 875 steps of your skincare routine. This is the only time I will actually recommend to keep a face cleanser in your shower. By now we all know that the temperature of the shower is too hot and the pressure is too strong, but it’s still better to wash your face in shower than not to wash it.

The other useful tip is to keep some products in areas where you spend loads of times with the little one. For me it’s next to the sofa where I breastfeed, on my bedside table and on my make-up area (in bedroom). That makes it so effortless to mist your face, apply a couple of serums, moisturiser and oil at your own convenience and you don’t have to leave your area once the baby is asleep and you rolled her into their cot. Please only apply products on a clean face and don’t forget a lip balm.

Having an SPF on the hallway to slap it on last minute before heading out. You didn’t think I will forget SPF, did you?

2 Master applying products with one hand

Despite having your products handy it will prove difficult to apply them while breastfeeding or even holding such a tiny baby. That’s why choosing products with holding-a-baby-friendly-application is a key. In “normal’ circumstances I get really annoyed by seeing some influencers applying skincare products directly on their faces from a pipette or a pump, but when you have to support a tiny head that is sucking on your nipple, it makes it extremely useful. Pipettes and pumps are a good idea when you only have one hand available! I managed to do a full face of make up while breastfeeding. Small victories.

Healthy skin is for me a part of a healthy lifestyle. Breastfeeding drains your body of water and nutritions which shows on your skin. Especially after being used to that pregnancy glow. Nurturing your skin during this period of broken sleeping patterns and hormonal disruptions is really important. Make sure you stock up on low-effort-but-highly-effective products to keep your skin as happy as you are being a mum!