It’s my birthday today. Not gonna lie, I’m not a spring chicken anymore! Haven’t had a middle-age crisis yet (I think), but I do have some beauty tricks that come in handy after realising that my face isn’t all that tight anymore.

Considering I was ID’d a few months ago, I must be doing something right!


1 Hydration

I may be repeating myself here, but hydration becomes more and more important as we age. Our skin begins to lose its ability to extract water from its deeper levels and from the environment and also to retain it from within. I admit I’ve made some humongous skincare sins in my life – from excessive sun exposure to smoking and at some point – skipping moisturiser in my routine. So now is the time for my skin to be pampered as much as possible to keep it young and bouncy.

An oil/balm/cream cleanser doesn’t dry your skin out or disturb your pH balance. Toner or a “spritz” on the face and application of moisturiser on a damp face will work as a penetration enhancer. HUMECTANTS are your best friends!! When you tick the box which begins with 3, hydrating serum is a must!

2 Get some science involved

When I started my obsession with skincare, it was all about “100% natural”. I wouldn’t put a product on my face which I couldn’t eat as well. Those days are long gone mainly because natural is not necessarily better than science. I am still very cautious about what I put on my face, I just know a bit more than before – a little bit of parabens or certain alcohols in a good formulation have never killed anyone. Everything in moderation.

Where was I … so, when you hit your mid-30s, you naturally reach for stronger, more powerhouse ingredients such as Retinol, some extra concentrated resurfacers and vitamin C. They should all be introduced into routines slowly and carefully.

I should probably put a little disclaimer here, that we should all manage our expectations of what a skincare product can do. I’m constantly having to remind myself that skincare will not iron out my dynamic forehead as well as some other squished parts of my face. In fact, the lines around my eyes and lips are there because I laugh a lot – they are a sign of my happiness and I am ok with them. #proageing

3 Stop scrubbing your face with mechanical exfoliants

Mechanical exfoliants can be too abrasive and cause small cuts on your skin that can get infected and even speed up the ageing process. So for the past year, I have only been using chemical exfoliants in different shapes and forms – from toners, masks to leave on products. 

4 You have to “switch up” your Make up a little.

I’m a rapper.

As with crop tops, shimmer in your make up is passé when you hit your mid-30s. Products somehow make their way into fine lines and at the end of the day, you can look like a powdered shar-pei.

I don’t wear foundation, but there are some dark circles under my eyes and an occasional spot to be covered. Well … I tried all the hydrating miraculous under eye concealers which the top bloggers are raving about … and to be honest, what are they actually covering?! They all seem to look the same before and after. Never mind. Just to kill your hope completely: there is no concealer which hydrates enough for your under eye area to look smooth and tight ever again. Nada. Niente. None! I overcome it by mixing concealer with an eye cream before applying. This does mean that the coverage is compromised, but I’d rather justify my look with “lack of sleep” than “my skin is becoming too big”.

Switching to a creamy blusher makes all the difference in terms of glow. It’s all about the glow!

4 It takes time to see results

When you’re young and wild, all you want are instant results. Patience is not really your strength. But over the years you learn that patience is a virtue. As with everything, skincare is a long-term investment. It doesn’t happen overnight and you should stick with a product for a while to see results. That’s why for me, it’s not difficult to spend a little more on a good product. The word good is in bold as not every expensive product falls into this category.

I’m really not that fussed about the occasional line here and there. “Maintaining” yourself is rewarding on its own by feeling good and being happy. Tweaking your routine is not the biggest price to pay. Stressing about those changes is.

Now, where’s that bottle of Champers? It’s my birthday.