The end of 2016 is here which means it’s likely that 2017 will start with a hangover.

In Slovene, we call it “waking up with a cat”.A headache, dry mouth, and feeling like you were run over by a truck are not the only consequences of last night’s shenanigans! That (most likely) pointless final tequila also killed lots of skin cells, gave you dark puffy eyes and dreadfully dull looking skin. But Skinity has it covered. Here is what to do the morning after (besides a bacon sandwich and a gallon of water).

Have you tried starting the day with a cold shower? I don’t mean freezing cold, just a little colder than usual – cold water will increase the blood circulation and make you feel more refreshed and awake. Remember that feeling of a dry mouth when waking up? Well, now imagine your skin. It’s desperate for a shot of moisture, and don’t forget to exfoliate – it will help the moisturizer penetrate your skin. Don’t have a scrub at hand? Grab coffee/sugar and mix it in your shower gel. (As mentioned in my last post)

Remember to spend an extra couple of minutes moisturizing. Even if you don’t do it every day, the morning after party is the time it really should be done. Surrounding yourself with nice scents won’t get rid of the cat, but it will make you feel a tiny bit better.

If you’ve yet to remove last night’s makeup (I get it, it happens!), do this first thing after showering. In these moments of weakness, even I go for a quick fix – micellar water. That’s all I will ever say about micellar water. It’s bad. But in EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES …

At this point, a thorough clean is crucial. Now it’s time for what we would normally call a pamper, but in this case, it’s more of a survival for the skin. If the cat has turned into a kitten, go for the whole routine. If not, my favorite fix is an AHA mask (these two are top: Caudalie, REN.

You slap it on your skin for ten minutes. Whilst waiting walk the dog or eat a bacon sandwich, maybe with a dash of brown sauce followed by an ice cold tasty beverage to wash it down. After possibly the best 10 minutes of the day so far, wash the Glycolic mask off. Continue with a hydrating toner, serum, and moisturizer. Remember how thirsty were you when you woke up.

If 10 minutes is too long for you to hang around with a mask on your face, exfoliate with a regular mechanic scrub and use a glycolic toner (Pixi, Mario Badescu) after.


If last night’s sparkly eyes now resemble a puffed up Panda, the fridge is your best friend. Place two slices of cucumber over your eyes. Cucumber itself doesn’t really have any other huge benefits (especially if it’s from Tesco), but it retains a cold temperature for quite a long time. A coffee spoon left in the fridge for few minutes will do the same job. And then top it up with a good eye serum. Here are two of my favorites: Aesop, The Ordinary). 

Now you can go back to bed, order some comfort food and watch Netflix until tomorrow. Just don’t forget: if you are thirsty, there is a huge chance that your skin is too. So maybe one of your new year resolutions is to take more care of it. I know I will. 

Happy new year!!


Kitten – Slight hint of a headache, not quite McDonald’s stage, but still in take away food zone.

Cat – A headache, with no need for any conversation other than ordering take away.

Tiger – McDonald’s breakfast followed by sleeping all day, then Burger King for dinner.