Finding your statement scent is as difficult as finding the perfect man. It may never happen in your lifetime. I’ve been lucky enough to find both (let’s keep the sweet talk for at least until we get to the price tag).

I was never really into fragrances. Not because I didn’t want to smell nice, I just didn’t find a scent with my name on it. I remember my mom’s favourite scent (today is 8 years since she’s gone). It was the classic Chanel no.5. I still own her bottle and spray it on super special occasions only. To have her by my side. I think that’s such a sweet way of remembering our dearest who are no longer with us.


And that’s all a fragrance has to be. It has to wake up your emotions. It makes you feel more confident. It becomes a part of you.

My current collection has all kinds of scents to choose from for different moods and occasions. My taste is all over: from the already mentioned Chanel no5 for rare occasions, Chloe as a classic girly scent, Valentino men (i cheekily bought it for the boy, so it’s technically on his shelf) and Aesop Hwyl –  a completely alternative Japanese, mossy, smokey scent.


The thing with all of these is that, if I forgot to put any on in the morning, I wouldn’t even notice.

Le Labo The Noir changed this forever. It was love at first sniff. Of course this never happens with a scent which has a more affordable price tag. To top it all it also literally comes with my name on it!



Every time I read reviews of perfumes, I feel really uncool because I just can’t sense all those top notes, middle notes … any freaking note actually. Same goes with wine – where’s that cherry note you were talking about?!

There are some notes that even my amateur nose can totally get.

For me The Noir is a fig (very subtle and sophisticated fruity scent, not sweet and far from the zesty Diptyque Figuier which I believe is actually a peach) mixed with tobacco (not too smokey, but very warm) and cedar (which makes it woody). It’s not as dark as it sounds and I think men can pull it off as well. It’s just … perfect.

It lasts all day and stays on my scarfs for days. It’s just a comfy, everyday, “i’m not leaving my flat without it ever again” scent.

Lovin’ it.