I can get overly excited over skincare launches  (which shows in my collections I am trying to use and which also resulted in the “3-out-1-in” rule by my fiancé).

I love Dermalogica! Some of their products in the top ten of my staples (Daily resurfacer, daily microfoliant, Skinperfect primer with SPF and a few products from their professional range). Their SPFs are also really good. I haven’t had any full size so far, but I’ve tried samples for almost all of them.


When I saw this product on one of the counters, I had to try it. A pot in your bag and a big smile go a long way when you want to try a product that is not out yet.

As much as I try to manage my expectations about what differences a skincare product can make, with this serum I actually see the difference in my complexion. My skin is considerably more radiant and glowy. After only 10 days. OMG, I actually sound like a bad L’Oeal advert.

It has it all: a very stable form of vitamin C (antioxidant, boosting collagen, radiance, brightening), peptides, lactic acid (exfoliation) and hyaluronic acid (and carageenan for hydration). Plus some superpower oils (chia seed and sophora japonica flower oil). Boom!

They even mastered the finishing product with some sturdy metal packaging!

More importantly, I haven’t noticed any silicone in the product – silicone is the reason I’m not a big fan of their moisturisers.

It can be very difficult to find a good formula with vitamin C. I have it all: powders, serums, moisturisers and even 23% The Ordinary suspensions that feels like sanding your face. None of them have ever made a visible difference to my skin.

If you are looking for ONE product to add to your basic routine of cleanser, toner and moisturiser, this is it. My new holy grail.

Does it hurt when you’re entering your PIN number? Yes. But it’s worth every penny. That’s also why I use it only once a day.

Don’t use with retinol and ALWAYS use with SPF. Otherwise you’re just wasting the product.