I am a big fan of Pret’s bakewell slice. A true fan.

The other day Anil mentioned that when he met me (almost 6 years ago!!), he would never have thought I was a “bakewell girl”. He was right! At that time I was living a very healthy lifestyle, buying my veggies on a small farmers market back home, making my own meals and haven’t consumed any junk food, sugar or even potatoes – they have no nutritional value, none. Forward 6 years and my fave meal is fries with mayo.

Moving to London changed me in many ways; most of all my relationship with food.

Coming to Tesco for the first time, being in shock is an understatement!

Veggies and fruit are packed in plastic and printed with expiration date. Everything is cleaned, cut and ready to go in a pan.

The thing Brits call bread is really just toast. Bread doesn’t last in your cupboard for 2 weeks. It’s toast people!

But then life happened including working long hours, all the joys of commuting and the jolly culture of after work drinks. Before you know it you are stabbing that microwave lasagna package at 11pm and building tight relationships with Uber Eats drivers.

The new eating habits took its toll.

My body’s developed intolerance to many different foods (half of them still unknown to me), my energy levels are low, Rennie’s and Milk of Magnesia are in my handbag at all times. I’m sure my newly developed eating habits even contributed to my depression I went through a year ago.

Recently I’ve made an ultimate decision to get my health back on track and started getting rid of unhealthy habits that are causing me feeling unwell and down way too often.

A little over a month ago I quit smoking after 20+ years of this horrible habit. To this date this is probably the biggest achievement in my life. As with many other people quitting also means gaining some extra pounds. Well, in your mid 30s your metabolism is just not the same, is it?

At the end of the day some extra padding on the hips is really not important! Feeling sick 5 days in a week is. It affects your everyday life and slowly starts to frustrate the hell out of you.

Here I am again, on a mission to get my eating back on a healthy mode (while quietly hoping some high profile nutritionist declares vegan mayo as healthy)!

Do you want to join me on my journey?