There are two camps of pregnant women.

One camp lives their life as usual with just small adaptations to keep the growing bun relatively healthy and happy – ditching a couple of food favourites (looking at you Brie!), storing the bottle of favourite gin in the darkness of the deepest cupboard for a year while still “exposing” herself to the polluted air of megacity without advertising their current state with Baby on Board pin. 

And there is the second camp. The one that knows every possible indication of consuming/inhaling/being exposed to every-possible-thing thanks to endless google searches ”is ____ pregnancy safe” that cost them an actual update of their mobile data packages …

Whichever camp you’ve decided to build your tent in, there is only one little step in your skincare routine you shouldn’t skip for 9 months – it’s my favourite – sun protection!

I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts that during pregnancy you might experience appearance of melasma – or as I call it: the marble cake face. You might notice brown or greyish patches of pigmentation on your face and neck.

It’s not a fake tan fail.

It doesn’t develop into skin cancer.

It’s not contagious.

But it’s there. In its whole patchy glory. Staring at you out of the mirror.

It affects more than 50% of pregnant women.

The good news is that it might disappear on its own after you finish breastfeeding but might come back if and when you decide to make another mini bun.

Whether you decide to tackle it while still carrying is your decision, what’s more important is to prevent it from worsening which happens with sun exposure.

Here is top 5 tips how to protect your skin from the sun all year round …

This means every day on repeat, even if it’s raining and we live in gloomy England.

  • wear high SPF daily – remember: SPF 50 provides just a tiny bit more protection than SPF 30 but it lasts longer.
  • Even SPF 50 doesn’t protect you for the whole day. Reapplying before you go out on your lunch break is almost more important than slathering your face with SPF in the morning.
  • Sun damage occurs also through the windows. No excuses.
  • use products specifically created for sun protection  – SPF in your foundation is not providing protection stated on the bottle as you don’t apply sufficient amount. Utilise your pregnancy glow and skip foundation once and for all.
  • Get your vitamin D through supplements.

Products with sun protection are sometimes sticky and not the most pleasant to use. They are your first choice when it comes to a healthy skin. It’s like broccoli in your diet and like cardio in your workout regime. Just find the one that suits your skin, lifestyle and budget.

Another blogpost with my fave SPF50s is on the way. Until then, here is my last year’s top five face SPFs.

Your basic skincare is really not something you should stress about during pregnancy. There is no products on the market that could harm your baby.

Instead, pamper yourself and your skin and make your “nausea triggers” an excuse to finally afford that overprice serum/oil/treatment you just couldn’t justify to splurge on before.

During your pregnancy you should also pause any prescription skincare treatment, but I’m sure you know it if you’re using such an active products (prescription retinoid, hydroquinone and Roaccutane).