I’m not sure if I’ve already shared this with you before … around 15 years ago I was really into 100% natural skincare. I mean REALLY into it! I wouldn’t put on my face anything I wouldn’t be able to consume as well. The biggest threat for me would have been if someone wanted to put anything from a brand like L’Oreal on my face. I would stir my own vitamin C serum every day in my bathroom with the lights off.

Thankfully I grew out of this even though I still don’t use L’Oreal.

Back then cleansing oils were not a part of brand ranges, yet so called OCM (oil cleansing method) was a popular cleansing technique among skincare enthusiasts. This was before FaceBook era so we were hanging out on forums. Fun times. This is when I started using food grade olive oil. To remove my make up and to cleanse my face in the morning, as a face oil and also body oil. To be honest, as stupid as my general belief system was back then, my skin was glowing.

Forward 15 years every single brand and their sister has cleansing oil in their range. Some of their price tags exceed the £50 mark! 

Ok, let’s go back to basics: How cleansing with oil really works?

Oils are lipophilic, which means they attract similar substances – oil attracts oil. When you massage it on your face it will gently dissolve your make-up, SPF and impurities out of your pores without stripping it of your natural protective sebum – as some gel cleansers do. Instead, they replenish your skin and leave it nourished and clean. Even faces struggling with combination and oily skin type. 

The majority of cleansing oils will be blends of carrier oils and chosen essential oils. This means you will not be able to wash it off just with water, but you’ll have to use another cleanser (with some cleansing agents) or a wet cloth (not hot, lukewarm). Same as any (much more affordable) pure natural oil. Except that the latter won’t irritate your eyes because of all the “fancy schmancy” essential oils they’ve put into the formula, when trying to remove mascara.

The only added value in some formulas is when emulsifiers are added into the blend. This means oil will be easily removable and will transform into a milky solution as soon as you add water. That’s why it’s important to apply cleansing oil with dry hands on dry face. Otherwise they emulsify and the milky consistency doesn’t have as cleansing power as oil itself. 

Cleansing oils are my personal fave option to remove make up as I find them most efficient without drying my skin out. I just don’t understand the idea of fragrances and essential oils using on my eye area. And that’s their main function – to remove make-up. 

If you are considering trying plant oil instead of expensive formulas, look into olive, jojoba, sweet almond or argan oil. They all have relatively small molecules and will thoroughly cleanse your pores without clogging them.

For me this is a first category of skincare products to save some money on … and then spend it on some other skincare product you don’t really need 🙂