clean-tone-moisturise-repeatEvery day. Twice a day.

A little mantra we should all be doing both every morning and every night. There is more to do on a less regular basis, but these three steps are the bare minimum.

When it comes to looking after your skin, I am a big fan of the Koreans. You can say it’s their genetics, but let’s be honest. It’s because, from a young age, they take skincare seriously. And, when it comes to cosmetic innovations, our Korean friends are always one step ahead! I haven’t tried snail mucin yet, but it is on my “to become brave enough to put it on my face” list. Their routine has 10 steps, but I interpret it in my own way:

  1. The everyday mantra: Clean – Tone – Treat – Repeat
  2. all extras that you include a few times a week. (exfoliating, acids, masks etc)

1 Clean

Start with an evening clean as taking the day off your face takes a little longer than putting it back on. Two words: DOUBLE CLEANSE!

Why twice? First, we remove make up and/or SPF and then we clean the face. Simple. Even if you haven’t used any, there are so many pollutants hanging around, you should do it anyway.

If that isn’t a good enough reason, refer back to the Koreans. They do it, so you should too. 🙂

Phase one: Oil based

Pump a few, erm, pumps of your favourite oil (sorry, I’m still Slovenian) onto your hands and start massaging it in using a circular motion over your entire face. Take some time and be gentle, don’t drag your skin around. If you are wearing make up, leave your eyes until the end. Oil melts everything, even waterproof mascara. Now, when you look like a half blind panda, grab your muslin cloth, run it under the tap, then wipe it all off.

Phase two: water based cleaner

Now it’s time to clean your face with a gentle gel/milk to remove any oil residue or anything that wasn’t removed in step 1.

Finding the right cleanser can be as hard as finding the perfect moisturiser. whilst some may dry your skin, others may cause a breakout. But don’t think that just because it’s a product you wash off, there’s no need to be as picky when choosing the right one. Using unsuitable cleaning products can cause damage to your skin, make it feel dry and completely unbalance its pH. That my lovely ladies means free radicals and ageing. Here is a mini rule: if you feel that your skin needs moisturiser immediately, you are using a wrong cleaner.To be honest, not a lot are worth the money. (I’ll be covering cleaners at some point soon)

In the morning, you can easily skip the oily step, but DO NOT miss the cleaning part. EVER!

2 Tone

I can’t believe how many girls underestimate the importance of toners in their routines. But I do get it. When I was younger, I wasn’t even sure how to even use it. Do I use a cotton pad? Do I wash it off? It is without a doubt a product that doesn’t get enough hype. But it’s a veeeeery important step in your routine. As you clean your skin, you strip it of its natural oils and sebum, your ph unbalances and free radicals are formed. So a good quality toner will help your skin reset, and provide it with a quick shot of nutrients. It will also help all other products which you use after to penetrate your skin.


Choose one without alcohol. No alcohol. Ever!

3 Treat

Why don’t I just call this phase moisturise?

Because your skin needs more than just moisture. The Korean skincare regime divides this into 5 separate steps. (This is half of the full Korean skincare routine, as mentioned earlier – in this post I’ve explained the “short and sweet” version but will go into more detail in future blogs) However, for me, all products that you apply after using toner are there to treat your skin. Hence the name.

Your skin condition plays a major factor in what you slap on your face before bedtime. There are endless options on the market: from essences to serums and ampules, to eye creams, moisturisers and oils.


Again, depending on your skin type, you can choose which form you use, but make sure your products contain at least few of the following:

  • vitamins (C, E)
  • humectants/moisturisers (hyaluronic acid, glycerin, coenzyme Q10)
  • peptides
  • retinol (vitamin A) – evening only
  • oils (olive, rosehip, argan)
  • SPF – morning only! Don’t sleep with it. Seriously.


Good news: this is all you need to do on a daily basis. Twice.

Bad news: there is a whole new list of extras to do in the week to have your skin looking perfect. More on this next week! See you then.