• Spring Edit: my morning skincare routine

    5th April 2019

    Spring is here! It’s time to start shaving whole legs again, join the gym because “summer is just around the corner”, and also time to switch your skincare rut back to “Spring Mode”.  I thought to share my skincare routine I do every morning. Here is my current choice of products:

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  • About absorption of skincare into your bloodstream …

    2nd April 2019

    This very cringeworthy myth has been going around the internet for years now, creating a breed of “natural skincare” beauty fanatics. What made me actually write a post about it was a YouTuber with relatively high following saying it in the video recently. If you like to use natural skincare, go for it! I love…

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  • How to buy skincare like a pro!

    27th March 2019

    I wrote a mini guide for buying skincare a little while ago. I trust you know your skin inside out by now. Beginning of Spring is a perfect time to up the game of buying skincare. Following these simple tips you are on a way to become an ultimate skincare goddess! 1 Packaging

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