• Can we please stop calling out “non toxic” and “clean” brands …

    8th October 2019

    … and focus on more productive approach to inspire and educate?   Some of the influential names in the beauty industry have recently started a witch hunt after all brands that are using terms “clean beauty” “free from” and “no toxins” in their marketing claims. It’s becoming a movement now! With Drunk Elephant being acquired…

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  • Skin Academy’s new ZERO range

    7th October 2019

    A new natural skincare brand is about to hit the market: Skin Academy Zero range! I personally am not a big fan of natural skincare as I believe you need a little push from manmade ingredients to make products more efficient for 30+ skin. If you know what I mean. Saying that, I have currently…

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  • aloe vera plant in pot

    After Sun Care

    3rd June 2019

    It’s important to apply a sunscreen with SPF every day, but don’t forget to use a good suncare product after you’ve exposed your skin to the sun

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