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What is your skin type??

Let’s make this highly important question clear. Talking to some of my friends about their skin care regime made me realize that the majority of people still don’t know their skin type.  This makes our aim to achieve radiant and healthy skin slightly more challenging.  Why, you may ask? 


Dehydrated skin ≠ Dry skin

Winter is upon us! This means that your face is constantly exposed to the elements. A mix of freezing cold mornings, central heating and let’s be honest – our lifestyles, normally makes our skin dehydrated around this time of the year. This is why we have to step up our skincare game. When your skin …

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Kitchen cupboard gems

Do you ever find yourself spending way too much time browsing endless drugstore isles in a search for a perfect product? In the end, you compromise on something that end’s up not doing its job properly –  and more importantly becomes a complete waste of money. Well, here’s some good news. Your kitchen cupboard is …