… and focus on more productive approach to inspire and educate?


Some of the influential names in the beauty industry have recently started a witch hunt after all brands that are using terms “clean beauty” “free from” and “no toxins” in their marketing claims. It’s becoming a movement now! With Drunk Elephant being acquired by Shiseido being in the centre of it.

Is it really such a big deal? After decades of animal testing brands spending their huge marketing budgets for adverts screaming “anti age” and promising their silicone and mineral oil infused formulas will take 7 years 3 months and 26 days off our faces over night.

Big beauty names voicing their opinions are not as big of a problem as it is that consumers are soaking them in like there’s no tomorrow, boycotting brands because their tone of voice on social media is not up their street.


When did we (and by we I mean society) loose the ability of critical thinking? Of educating ourselves to the extend to make an informed decision when it comes to our health? Skincare is a matter of health. Why do we get so bothered when brands make such claims?

What drives the development od products that brands are creating? Consumer’s demand!

Did you know that some Vitamin C products are coloured orange because average consumer connect oranges with vitamin C? That some of the cleansing products have foaming agents added because people connect foam with efficient cleansing power – even though foam dries the skin…

The consumer market is after “clean” beauty if we want it or not. They want recyclable packaging and sustainable sourced ingredients. Misleading information and knowledge they are basing their idea of perfect skincare is coming from all kinds of beauty related media, written in PR agencies and narrated by brands.

That’s why the responsibility of influencers and experts is to educate consumers and to give them first hand experience of products based on their extensive knowledge and experience – that’s why their opinion matters and that’s why it’s so valuable.

I have never chosen a skincare product based solely on their marketing campaign. Neither should anyone else. Knowing what suits your skin AND your values is the key!

A mini disclaimer for the end: I am not in any way related to a brand Drunk Elephant. In fact I have never tried any of their products. Not because of their communication techniques or for disliking their packaging but simply because in my eyes their products are overpriced for what they offer.